10 reasons to consume spinach juice

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Spinach juice an excellent remineralizer

Spinach juice, contains mineral salts, is laxative and depurative. Spinach juice is an excellent activator of the elimination of toxins from the body. Spinach is very important for digestive processes, starting with the stomach and ending with the large intestine. Raw spinach contains an organic substance that excellently cleanses the intestines and improves their functioning.

Two cups (half a litre) of fresh spinach juice, prepared correctly, every day, can help us remove the worst forms of constipation, in a few days or a few weeks.

10 reasons to consume spinach juice
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Inorganic laxatives stimulate intestinal movements and irritate the intestinal muscles. The use of these laxatives often has no guarantees. Because of their use, the local system made up of tissues, muscles and nerves is no longer put to work, which causes the degeneration of the intestines.

Fresh spinach juice, is very effective in stimulating bowel movements and helps to regenerate not only the intestines, but also the entire digestive tract. As we already know, the consumption of refined sugar and other refined products, accompanied by deficiency in vitamin C, causes bleeding gums and diseases of the dental pulp.

The healthiest remedy for these problems is to adopt a diet consisting of dishes based on raw natural plants, in which we include adequate amounts of spinach and carrot juices.

Why consume spinach juice

10 reasons to consume spinach juice
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If there are deficiencies in the elements that are found in fresh carrot and spinach juice, we may suffer from various health problems. The combination of freshly squeezed carrot and spinach prevents and treats: ulcerations, anemia, nervous breakdowns, irregular secretions of the adrenal glands and thyroid gland, inflammation of the kidneys and wrists, boils, swelling of the hands and feet, frequent bleeding, weakness felt in the body, rheumatism, irregular heart function, low or high blood pressure, vision problems and headaches (including migraines).

Spinach was rightly at great price since Antiquity, being considered by the Arabs “the prince of vegetables“. Feel free to add this wonderful plant to your menu, it will only bring you benefits. Besides food value, it is an undeniable natural medicine. Due to the content of oxalates, spinach is contraindicated in arthritis, oxalic lithiasis, rheumatism and gout. Good health!

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