10 reasons to pamper your hair at the salon

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Why pamper your hair at the salon

Even if you feel like you can get the same results at home, it’s worth pampering your hair at the salon. The advantages of programming at a hair salon are much greater, the end result being remarkable. You say it doesn’t cost you anything to care for your hair at home, that it’s cheaper to dye yourself and style it with the appliances and products you have at your disposal.

But the results you get most often lead you to continue investing in more and more other products to help you achieve your goal. However, if you draw the line, you might find that you’ll get better if you save that amount and turn it into a “budget” for the salon! Surely you will benefit from many other advantages…

Personalized professional care

10 reasons to pamper your hair at the salon
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As soon as you entrust your capillary adornment to a hair stylist, it will determine the type of hair, make a diagnosis and act accordingly, using products tailored to your needs. But to preserve the results of the salon, it is advisable to continue the treatment at home, using professional products, recommended by the stylist. Here are some professional care products:

L’ Oreal Professionnel, helps you pamper your hair like a salon. You can opt for a damaged hair care kit. For added protection, the L’ Oreal Professionnel Series Expert Absolut Repair set can work wonders. All products contain lactic acid that helps to rebuild the elasticity and strength of the hair, making it easier to arrange and comb. Lipids protect the surface of the hair against the aggression of external factors. This set contains professional serum, shampoo, mask and hairspray for a perfect hairstyle.

Moroccanoil hair oil for all hair types. This oil contains antioxidants that help protect the hair, providing a natural glow. The versatility of this product is that it can be used on wet or dry hair, both for hydration and for styling.

Matrix Biolage Hydrasource, moisturizing conditioner for dry hair. This product contains a unique complex of aloe vera, algae and wheat germs, providing intense hydration and shine to the hair. This conditioner does not contain parabens.

Full treatment in just five minutes

New hair care findings now allow us to treat our hair in just five minutes. For example, Matrix Total Treat Deep Cream Mask restores the shine of hair, making it silky! And what’s more interesting: it fits all hair types.

Healthy and lasting appearance

10 reasons to pamper your hair at the salon
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Every hair care session at the salon means extra points for our hair, both in terms of health and in terms of its physical appearance, volume, shine and hydration.

Specialists recommend that we periodically do a complete cleansing-treatment of hydration and revitalization of hair (e.g. Moisture Total Results range), in order to have a reinvigorated hair, stranded with strand. Ideally, we should regularly use Moisture Cure biphasic treatment for long-lasting hydration and protection against external factors.

Color and hairstyle at the salon

If we don’t know for sure what color or haircut we’re better off, we’ll get that from someone who’s good at it. And if you’re a fan of fashion-step look changes, you’ll be able to implement trends without risk.

Trends in hair color come and go every season. However, a natural and healthy-looking hair is always in fashion. The color of the year to hair in 2020, puts great emphasis on the most natural colors. Warm blonde or cinnamon brown will be on trend next year. These natural colors are highlighted by haircuts with strong lines that will take your breath away and their electrifying effect can be amplified or tamed by a simple rearrangement of the hairstyle.

Intense and vibrant colour at the salon

10 reasons to pamper your hair at the salon
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In salons, the color is largely based on technique, followed by appropriate treatments, which promise an intense long-term color, without neglecting the other needs of the hair.

A bright and durable color is all we want, and now we have the solution: using the color care range (shampoo and conditioner) containing Vitamin E and sunflower oil, rich in antioxidants,the colors remain bright for a long time.

At the salon you get the anticipated result, with one shot!

Goodbye rebel curls, ruffled or tangled hair. Farewell nerves caused by multiple failed attempts to have a decent hairstyle! Now you can have defined loops, from root to tip, in one step.

Thanks to the jojoba oil and wheat starch in the Super Defined gel formula, from Total Results, the curls are much more elastic without loading the hair.

At the salon you learn new tricks on hair care

The experience of treatment at the salon can serve as an “intensive course” of hair care, from techniques of application of the product to the tricks of stylists. For example: split ends, a constant challenge!

You can apply Silk Wonder Matrix, smoothing oil, on lengths and tips thanks to concentrated olive oil and its innovative formula, damaged hair is repaired without remaining greasy.

At the salon experiment without risks

If you’ve heard of a professional product and want to test it, salon scheduling is the perfect opportunity to find out if it’s suitable for your hair or if it meets your needs.

You can purchase products that suit you right from the salon

10 reasons to pamper your hair at the salon
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If you want to stay true to the same products between sessions at the salon, the stylist will help you in choosing products, giving you additional advice on application. Bonus: Professional products are concentrated and using just a drop or spraying a little product can solve problems you couldn’t find the solution to.

At the Color Care range you can use Miracle Treat 12 Matrix, lotion spray for colored hair, Silk Wonder, smoothing oil, being the miracle product of the Sleek range, ideal for straight hair. With Amplifay Wonder Booster, hair gains extreme and natural volume at the same time, right from the root.

With Moisture Cure, offer a biphasic treatment to dry hair, which has a moisturizing and invigorating effect. The products in the Curl range solve the challenges of curly hair, and for perfectly defined curls you can use Super Definer gel.

The hairstyle lasts long and well

From volume to perfectly stretched hair or sexy curls, anything is possible! If we use suitable products at the salon, but also at home and do not forget the precious tips of the stylist the result will be “wow”, an enviable hair!

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