10 remedies with thyme tea

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Natural antibiotic thyme tea

I recommend a thyme tea, for its pleasant taste, but especially for its benefits. Cimbrisor (field thyme), Thymus serpyllum, is a reddish green plant with opposite ovated leaves. The flowers are pink, purple violet, very pleasantly smelly. When preparing a thyme tea, we use the flowering aerial part of the plant (Herba Serpyli).

Remedies with thyme tea

10 remedies with thyme tea
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The thyme contains active principles: volatile oil composed of terpenes, timol, carvacrol and bitter principles, such as serpine. It also contains ursolic and aleanolic acid, caffeic and rosemary acid, flavone, tannin and resine.

Cimbrisor tea has antiseptic, choleretic, antimicrobial, antiviral, vermifuge,vermicide and scarring properties.

Cimbrisor tea has multiple therapeutic indications, such as: whooping cough, bronchitis, asmatic cough, enterocolitis, dyspepsia, relief of liver and kidneyproblems , elimination of intestinal worms, depression and nervous surescations, epilepsy and dealcolization.

How to make tea

10 remedies with thyme tea
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Internal. To treat respiratory infections and increase the calming effect in cough and bronchitis, we add in the composition of thyme tea, a few leaves of parsley, podbal, marshmallow flowers and cuckoo root. We can also make a thyme tea mixed with black scai. We can prepare an infusion from a teaspoon of plant, to a cup of water. They drink 2-3 cups a day.

External. For external use we prepare a decoction of two teaspoons of the plant to a cup of water and apply in the form of local compresses or we can do local washes, on affected regions, such as: purulent wounds or other skin infections.

We can use thyme in aromatic baths that soothe the nervous system, rheumatism pains and gout. We can also use thyme in cosmetics, for oily complexions, in the form of infusion of 200 g of plant to 500 g of water, with which compresses of 15-20 minutes are made. Feel free to go back to nature, here you find everything you need. Cimbrisor, it’s a wonderful natural antibiotic! Good health!

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