12 Benefits for Beer Yeast

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Beer yeast strengthens immunity

Beer yeast is highly appreciated in phytotherapy and in the kitchen when cooking various very tasty dishes. We find beer yeast in an inactive state, in capsule or powder form, at the plate or in naturist shops, and the fresh one, in almost all supermarkets. Beer yeast, consists of microscopic fungi, being a natural probiotic very effective for our immunity. It is a basic adjuvant in digestive problems and an essential ally for beauty.

Composition – yeast

Beer yeast contains, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins over 50% (from the weight of yeast), minerals and trace elements such as: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, copper, potassium. Contains 17 vitamins, mainly from the B complex (B1-thiamine, B2-riboflavin, B5-pantothenic acid, B8-biotin, B9-folic acid), vitamin E, 14 types of mineral salts and 16 amino acids, with countless benefits for our body.

Benefits for the body

Beer yeast has antianemy, antitoxic, stimulating, remineralizing properties. It is indicated in demineralization, rickets (preventive), avitaminosis, anorexia, anemia, intestinal infections, growth disorders, neuritis, constipation, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, acne, psoriasis, afte.

12 Benefits for Beer Yeast
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How to use: 3 tablespoons per day, diluted in water (fresh yeast), 4-10 g per day dry yeast. Yeast can also be used in injectable form or in the form of specially prepared tablets. It will not be consumed continuously, every month several days break is required.

Although it is safe for all people, there are also cases in which it can cause headaches or stomach discomfort. In interaction with other drugs it is good to inform the doctor, when we decide to make a cure with yeast.

Health and beauty. Beer yeast has beneficial effects on our skin, hair and nails. Maintains skin health, due to the intake of vitamin B and mineral salts. Beer yeast helps regulate the production of sebum in the skin, to moisturize, making it smooth and bright. It is good to introduce it into our diet, along with vegetables (carrots), to protect us from ultraviolet rays. It is also beneficial in cases of acne, psoriasis and afte.

Beer yeast favors the synthesis of Keratin which makes up 95% of capillary fiber. Yeast tablets slow down the hair whitening process, help thin and brittle hair, lacking shine, strengthening its root. It is also beneficial for the health of the nails, they do not break so easily, becoming more resistant.

12 Benefits for Beer Yeast
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Eliminate the extra pounds. Yeast helps us lose weight! Due to the fact that here we find the whole B complex of vitamins, the health of the body is assured in several ways. A very important role is in the decomposition of carbohydrates,fats and proteins. Combats constipation and intestinal infections.

Diabetes. Those at risk of diabetes or suffering from diabetes, it is good to make yeast cures. The presence of chromium, an essential mineral for the body, helps to maintain a normal level of blood glucose. In combination with other medicines, beer yeast can cause hypoglycaemia.

Relieves premenstrual pain. Due to the complex of vitamins and especially vitamin B6 and E, contributes to the relief of premenstrual pain.

Treat anemia. Those who feel tired, stressed, anemic, as well as those with iron deficiency, it is good to consume yeast. It is the best source of iron and helps in the case of assimilation of minerals: magnesium, calcium, etc.

Cholesterol and tension under control. Through the content of niacin and beta-glucan, beer yeast helps to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and helps it to increase the good type (HDL). Due to its high content of calcium, magnesium and potassium, it helps to normalize blood pressure.

12 Benefits for Beer Yeast
Image from Pixabay

Improves nausea. Very useful, especially pregnant women, beer yeast, reduces and soothes nausea, vomiting, problems that occur during pregnancy. It has antianemy and remineralizing properties.

Digestive problems. Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a bacterial strain present in yeast, activates digestion, stimulates and regenerates bacterial flora, combating intestinal infections. It is a good remedy in case of bloating, a sign that digestion is deficient. Slow digestion, a lazy gut, are the signs that often lead to bloating.

Strong immune system. Vitamins and minerals stimulate the immune system. It is good to make short cures with yeast for a better tone during periods of overworked and stress, which accentuates fatigue. Regular consumption, but with breaks of a few days, has the effect of regenerating the body and keeps us in shape. For both health and beauty, it’s worth trying a yeast cure!

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