12 foods that stain your teeth

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Why stain your teeth

It is still summer, the most anticipated season, holidays, sun, slimming cures. We want to take advantage of everything in a short time and we need to be careful about all aspects of our care. Teeth are very important, both in terms of health and aesthetics.

Why are your teeth staining? A portion of grapes,one of blackberries or blueberries, maybe a few juicy plums,give flavor to our meals. These are part of the reasons why teeth are no longer perfectly white. So what can we do as long as fruit pigments are the strongest antioxidants in, nature? We’re certainly not giving up on fruit! Can we enjoy the fruit but also a shiny teeth?

12 foods that stain your teeth
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Health, age or various treatments can stain or stain our teeth. In addition to dental whitening treatments, there are other avoidable causes. They are related to nutrition, and their effect can be remedied by maintaining proper dental hygiene.

The darker the fruit, so the stainer, the better. Take the example of pigments in berries, be it blackberries, blueberries or blackcurrants. They are called flavonoids and are the most powerful antioxidants in nature.

Japanese researchers have shown that in the prevention of malignant diseases, berries, but also all fruits that have a dark pigment are the most effective. We can consume at least one serving of berries a day to maintain our health.

The consumption of these wonders of nature have only one drawback, staining the teeth. When we consume their juice in particular, the teeth acquire an unwanted shade. So, the indications are where we consume fruit juice, let’s use a straw. Other foods that stain your teeth are: black tea, coffee, chocolate, red wine.

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Black tea, contains tannins and is generally consumed at high temperatures. Tea, like coffee, has the power to stain your teeth. It is good to try to avoid dark teas and choose green,white or other lighter teas.

Coffee,is at the top of the drinks that stain your teeth. Although it has beneficial effects for the body, it is good to add in the coffee cup and a little milk, to prevent staining of the teeth.

Chocolate has a high cocoa content and is another food that changes the shade of teeth. Some studies show that too much chocolate consumption can lead to the appearance of caries, due to the large amount of sugar it contains. We all know the benefits of chocolate on the brain– but it has to be consumed in moderation.

Wine, good for silhouette
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Red wine contains chromogens, the particles in grapes that give it colour. The acid in the wine weakens our malt, and the chromogens can be more easily fixed to the tooth. It is already known that black grapes stain everything, and teeth are no exception. This is why it is recommended to be consumed less often, to avoid staining of the teeth. Because of the acid, the same is true for white wine.

Currants, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are the most recommended berries for their intake of antioxidants and vitamin C. These fruits also contain a very strong semi-permanent dye that stains the teeth, especially if consumed in the form of juice.

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Citruses contain acids that erode tooth malt, resulting in their discoloration and staining. Lemons, oranges and grapefruit are beneficial for health, but it is also good to take into account the damage caused by fruit acids. That is why it is good to limit the consumption of these fruits to only a few a week.

Beetroot contains very strong staining agents. In liquid form, in the form of juice, the teeth stain the worst, due to the concentration of natural dyes. It is advisable to brush our teeth one hour after eating beet juice, so that the stains do not have time to form.

Pretzels chosen for a snack and in general the products of the shell remain glued to the teeth and favor the appearance of bacteria and implicitly caries. Carbohydrates from pretzels or salted biscuits turn into sugars very quickly in the oral cavity. The same goes for potato chips or fries.

12 foods that stain your teeth
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Dark fizzy juices,with or without added sugar, can stain teeth quite seriously, damaging their tooth. It is good to reduce their consumption. Extreme temperatures promote increased tooth porosity through repeated contractions, and phosphoric acid, citric acid and artificial sweeteners in carbonated, dark juices favour tooth decay.

Balsamic lard, a pricey ingredient in salads, extremely beneficial for its properties, can cause staining of the teeth. The best way to use balsamic oil is to add it to the lettuce. In this combination, a protective barrier is formed and decreases its coloring power.

12 foods that stain your teeth
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Sugar-free candy and gum,contain artificial dyes, which stain the teeth and favor the appearance of caries. Many of us have a habit of chewing sugar-free gum right after a meal, if we don’t have the toothbrush and toothpaste handy. Chewing gum helps remove food scraps between teeth, but also reduces or eliminates some of the good bacteria inside the mouth by accelerating the appearance of tooth decay and staining of teeth.

Dark sauces can stain our teeth. Soy sauce, tomato sauce, curry sauce, intensely colored sauces and almost all dark liquids are a danger to our teeth. Since we cannot give up healthy foods, it is good to make sure that we can rinse our mouth after eating them to avoid staining of teeth.

Recommendation of dentists

The recommendation of all dentists is that, after consuming such food, we clean our oral cavity. If you are a big fruit enthusiast you should go to the dentist every 4-6 months, for professional hygiene and especially for detartrage. It also has a positive impact on the color of the teeth.

Professional brushing effectively cleans and any fillings, the most affected by strong pigments in natural products. The recommendation of dentists is, in addition to professional brushing, it is necessary to use mouthwash as well as dental floss.

12 foods that stain your teeth
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For daily care is also useful toothpaste which is a treatment for whitening of the tooth. Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile is a teeth whitening treatment with immediate results and can be used at home.

Used twice a day for 3 weeks, Hollywood Smile whitens teeth with up to 4 shades, giving them shine and natural appearance, strengthening and protecting the malt. To maintain this effect, specialists recommend that we continue to use the product 2-3 times a week, complementary to the paste for daily care.

What food cleans our teeth

Because we can’t give up the food that stains our teeth, because it’s good choices for our health, then the basic rule remains to follow a tooth care routine. This routine involves brushing, cleaning with floss and mouthwash. There are also a few foods that help us clean our teeth naturally. Here are some of them:

contain malic acid, which helps to whiten teeth naturally. It is good to use dental floss after eating these fruits.

Broccoli are green vegetables rich in iron, which contribute to the fortification of teeth, against bacteria that produce spots and cavities. Also, floss is used after eating.

Pineapple contains bromelain, a mixture of natural enzymes specifically designed to digest proteins. Pineapple heals wounds and is used in slimming diets.

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Carrots, apples, celery, quince, goulash such as any crunchy fruit or vegetables have an increased water content that dilutes the sugar content and stimulates saliva production. This makes it better to wash food particles, lessonthe acidity of the fruit, which helps effectively in the fight against tooth decay.

Salads, such as rucola, spinach and any type of lettuce are rich in iron, which helps us keep cholesterol under control while helping digestion. This makes our teeth clean while we eat, because these salads contain a lot of water, and this also increases the amount of saliva.

Water helps us rinse and eliminate sugars and acids that are deposited on our teeth.

Tricks to keep our teeth white

There are a few tricks we need to keep in mind to keep our teeth white for as long as possible. Here are some of these:

It is good to drink unsweetened tea and coffee. Along with coffee it is good to have a glass of plain water, to rinse our mouths. Coffee dehydrates, and water invigorates us! It is good to quickly swallow the drinks that stain, not to give them much time to stay in the oral cavity.


For tea or any fizzy juices, it is good to use a straw from time to time to keep the drink away from the front of the teeth. That’s how we avoid staining them. It is good to rinse the mouth immediately after eating a food that stains the teeth.

30 minutes after eating drinks or sweet or acidic foods it is good to brush our teeth. Why after 30 minutes? Because tooth malt is much more sensitive during this period. If we don’t have anything on hand, we can use baking soda.

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We can strengthen our teeth by eating foods rich in iron, calcium and phosphorus, which we can find in abundance in lettuce, spinach,cheese and dairy. Introducing into your daily diet foods that require a long time of chewing, due to the fact that they are abrasive, helps to clean the bacterial plaque.

When we are in the office, it is good to have with us a care kit with a toothbrush, a paste and floss and use them when needed. If we’re at the restaurant, we have to be careful to rinse our mouths with plenty of water. I recommend you also read the article: How the Japanese keep their teeth healthy.

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