12 rejuvenating yoga positions

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Rejuvenation Yoga

The roots of yoga stretch over five thousand years ago. There are few Western cities where you can’t find yoga classes. Modern science has begun to pay attention to the quantifiable benefits of yoga techniques in many areas of health, including polyrheumatoid arthritis, asthma, heart disease and diabetes.

The vast majority of us practice yoga because it helps us to internalize, relax and enhance the well-being of the body. Some yoga positions help us strengthen our strength, others help us to have flexibility and relaxation. We need to perform positions totally conscious of our body, paying attention to the comfort and discomfort signals that occur. You can practice the following positions at home quietly, which I will exhibit.

Greeting the sun

12 rejuvenating yoga positions
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A set of twelve yoga positions, known as The Salutation of the Sun, are a series of wonderful, balanced movements that can enhance flexibility, strength and even lung capacity, depending on how they are performed. It is recommended to go through a few rounds of Salutation of the Sun, at least once a day, in the early morning or late afternoon. These exercises ensure a stretch of all key areas of the body and awaken our innate vitality.

Position of greeting. Stand with your feet glued, firmly fixed to the floor, your eyes looking straight ahead, your palms joined to the right of your chest. Breathe slowly and evenly, paying attention to the body.

Position touch-sky. By flexing the muscles of the buttocks, reach out to the sky with both arms, while stretching the spine, arching back as far as possible. Inhale, while you make this move.

Position hands-to-feet. Lean slightly forward from the hips, relaxing the spine, as you bring your arms down near your legs. Relax esherkins of the head and bend the knees, if necessary, to put the palms on the ground. Exhale, pulling your stomach up.

Equestrian position. Stretch your left leg back, bending your right knee forward, until you rest on your left knee and toes. At the same time, straighten the chest, look forward, and the right knee rises and the sole of the right foot sits on the floor. Hands are left to hang, head is turned back, and gaze rises as much as possible. Inhale as you lie forward and up.

Position of the mountain. Put your left foot next to your right, palms on the floor and lift the posterior, keeping your hands and legs outstretched. Stretch the back of the legs so that the body forms an inverted V. As you lie down, the heels must remain glued to the floor, and the head between the arms. Expires during this movement.

Position hands-to-feet. Gently lower your forehead, chest and knees so that your forehead, chest and knees touch the floor, keeping the basin up, while holding your weight on your toes, which are also bent on your fingers. Inhale and exhale.

12 rejuvenating yoga positions
Image from Pixabay

Position the cobra. Slowly lower the basin, while lifting the chest, shoulders and head, gently arching the spine towards the back. The legs are glued and the shoulders straight. The hips must be on the floor, or as close to it as possible. The head is raised, looking up. Once you feel comfortable, gently push with your arms, but not force. Inhale and repeat the above positions in reverse order.

Position of the mountain. Return to this position, lifting your posterior into the air as you exhale.

Equestrian position. Bring forward your left leg, bending your knee, leaving your right leg stretched back, while breathing when you push your chest forward.

Position hands-to-feet. Bring your right foot forward, in the same place as your left, while lifting your posterior, keeping both hands on the floor near your feet. Bend your knees, if necessary, as you exhale.

Position touch-sky. Gently lift your body with your hands up, until you reach out to the sky, breathe as you straighten your spine.

Position of greeting. Return once again to this form of rest, with your palms clasped in front of your chest, breathing gently.

It is good to repeat these positions four to twelve times each time. Executed vigorously, they can speed up the heart rate and provide a heart workout. Executed at a slow pace, in a relaxing manner, will have a calming effect on the body and mind. Listen to the signs of the body, while you execute the positions for optimal integration between mind and body. Health!

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