2 cocktails that boost metabolism

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Metabolism – the body’s ability to burn fat

Metabolism is directly involved, essential in maintaining the life of organisms and plants. Metabolism is the totality of the biochemical and energy transformations that take place in our body. Metabolism is a complex process, involving exchanges of matter and energies and involving two simultaneous but opposite processes: catabolism and anabolism.

Catabolism (disassimilation ), represents the totality of chemical processes of degradation of substances in the body. This is where the bonds between carbon atoms in the molecules of different substances break down, producing the release of energy.

Anabolism (assimilation ), is the chemical processes of biosynthesis of substances that make up living matter. Anabolic reactions are characterized this time by energy consumption.

Cocktail with green tea

2 cocktails that boost metabolism
Image from Pixabay

With this detoxifying and protective cocktail, the body will be plugged in throughout the day, helping to remove toxins from the body. Consumption of green tea has been shown to stimulate metabolism and the body’s ability to burn fat, meaning that less fat will be stored in the abdomen. This cocktail is delicious, whether it is drinking hot or cold.

Ingredients: 3 apples, 1 lemon, without shell, 1 cm ginger root, without shell, 150 ml of green tea, hot or cold. Squeeze apples, lemon and ginger. Mix the juice with the green tea.

Health benefits. Green tea contains antioxidants that strengthen health, including flavonoids and catechins, which help maintain heart health and protect against cancer. Its tannin content is beneficial in digestive disorders, while theanine in green tea reduces stress and stimulates concentration. Ginger in this juice improves circulation and metabolism.

Vegetable cocktail

2 cocktails that boost metabolism
Image from Pixabay

If you’re on the run, this sweet and light vegetable cocktail can be a perfect refreshing snack or can be integrated into a low-calorie lunch. It provides plenty of energy that is gradually released to keep hungry accesses at bay.

Ingredients: 3 tomatoes, 2 carrots, 2 oranges, 1/4 cucumber, 1 handful of basil leaves. Mix all the ingredients.

Health benefits. This cocktail is rich in phytonutrients, which prevent chronic diseases such as cancer. Scented basil is well known for its antimicrobial effects. Its essential oils reduce inflammation and destroy harmful bacteria, and basil reduces the risk of food poisoning, calming digestive disorders.

Health is a big word. It encompasses not only the body, mind and spirit, but also the perspective of a man.

James H. West

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