2 self-massage techniques

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Self-massage, rejuvenation program

Self-massage allows us access to our internal pharmacy. Gentle self-massage, soothes and releases natural relaxation chemicals. The skin is a rich source of rejuvenating hormones, which can be released by massage. A vigorous, invigorating massage releases natural energizing substances.

I recommend that you introduce self-massage into your daily program as a valuable rejuvenating component of the body. To help you sleep at night, massage with gentle, comforting movements. If you try to lose unwanted pounds, you can do this massage using a sponge, or a skin cleansing cream.

Nature works in seasons, cycles and rhythms. Everything in this world goes through periods of activity and rest, including our biological body. Our planet has cycles of day and night, as well as a cycle of seasons.

When our biological rhythms are aligned with the rhythms of nature, the body-mind system feels strengthened and healthy. When our biological rhythms are not aligned with natural cycles, wear and destruction occurs in the body and mind, accelerating the aging process.

Self-massage techniques

2 self-massage techniques
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Total massage. This total massage requires only a few tablespoons of warm oil. Start by massaging your head, using small circular movements, like when shampooing your hair. With gentle movements, apply oil to the forehead, cheeks and chin and then move to the ears.

Gently massagethe back of the ears and temples, as it has a soothing effect. Massage with a little oil towards your forehead and back of your neck and then pass towards your shoulders. To massage your arms, use circular movements at the shoulders and elbows and prolong, back and forth, on your arms and forearms.

Using large, circular movements, massage your chest, stomach and abdomen. For the sternum, use an up-down motion. By applying a little oil to both hands, try to massage your back and spine as best you can.

As with your arms, massage your legs with a circular motion at the ankles and knees and with prolonged movements, back and forth, on the long sides. Use the remaining oil to massage your foot, paying special attention to your fingers.

Mini massage. Head and feet are the most important parts of the body to mass in preparation for a restful sleep. Using a spoonful of warm oil, apply it with smooth movements on your head, using the small circular movements with those described above.

Gently massage the forehead with the palm of your hand from side to side. Gently massage the temples, then the outside of the ears. Delay a little, massaging the face and back of the neck. With the second tablespoon of oil, slowly but firmly, massage the soles of the feet. Work with oil around your fingers, using your fingernails. Sit still for a few moments to soak yourself with oil and then take a hot bath.

Harmonize according to the rhythms of nature

2 self-massage techniques
Image from Pixabay

A messy daily schedule disturbs our biological rhythms. Our body and mind feel wear and tear, which inevitably leads us to aging. The result is depression, insomnia, anxiety, constipation, bloating and weakened immunity.

The two simple massage techniques that I have presented to you, it is good to combine them with some basic principles and create your own daily ritual.

Morning. Get up without a buzzer clock. A glass of warm water (possibly with lemon) helps digestion. A full exercise program includes attention to refreshment and resistance, as a good cardiovascular condition. Practice improves all bioindicators of aging. Take your shower, massage with oil, meditate for a few minutes, only have breakfast when you’re hungry.

At noon. Eat consciously, more than at dinner. Walk ten minutes after lunch.

Evening. Meditate twenty, thirty minutes before dinner and then follow the evening routine, watching the massage. Dynamic activity during the day leads to a restful night’s sleep. Remember that you are not isolated from nature, but that you are part of nature. By following a few simple rituals, you will rejuvenate biologically.

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