2 treatments with precious and semi-precious stones

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Beauty treatments

Treatments with precious and semi-precious stones are continuously evolving on the aesthetic market. And it’s normal to do so, because every aesthetician who integrates them into the services offered to the clientele interprets it in their own way. Quality stone treatments are essential.

2 treatments with precious and semi-precious stones
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Stone therapy is one of those American inventions that have made it around the world. Treatments with precious stones are not limited to body treatments. Stones are present everywhere: for the care of hands, feet and even face, in which case precious stones are often used. There is thus the famous Chinese jade massage with amazing anti-wrinkle effects.

The refinement of facial treatments with stones can go even further: during the application of the mask, precious stones are placed at the level of the seven chakras, a pink quartz on the chest, next to the heart,an amethyst next to the third eye and a crystal on the chakra-crown. Here are the two novel treatments that include the application of gemstones:

2 treatments with precious and semi-precious stones
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Treatments for autumn/winter, with the effect of increasing the energy level. This treatment includes a light massage or scrub with a mixture of essential oils,sandalwood powder and a little black tea. After this, for 50 minutes, hot stone massage is done.

Treatments for spring/summer, with the effect of softening and cooling the body. For 30 minutes it is made a light scrub with salt,essential oils of lemon and ginger. Another 30 minutes we’ll dedicate them to a massage with a heated salt crystal.

What properties are precious and semi-precious stones

Treatments with precious and semi-precious stones emit high notes, while basalt or marble would propagate serious notes in the ether. Minerals influence our luck, opal has healing effects, ruby cheers and diamonds are girls’ best friends. Let us discover together some properties of precious and semi-precious stones. Whether we wear them as jewelry or in different treatments, it is certain that they are magnificent:

2 treatments with precious and semi-precious stones
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  • Amethyst – favors the balance of the nervous system.
  • Beryl – protects the eye system.
  • Cornalin – reduces anxiety and promotes quiet sleep, free of nightmares.
  • Rock crystal – activates blood circulation.
  • The diamond calms anxiety.
  • Emerald – has a toning role, strengthens memory and produces a state of optimism.
  • Jade – reduces kidney pain and has anti-wrinkle action.
  • Jasp – eases the suffering caused by migraines, soothes dental pain and rebalances the body.
  • Rubin – helps memory and revitalizes the body.
  • Sapphire – relieves headaches, increases visual acuity and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Turquoise – improves respiratory capabilities.
  • Pearl – purifies the blood and strengthens the heart.
  • Amber – produces a strong energy field and allows physical and mental balancing.

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