26 fruit and vegetable juices for health

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Fruit and vegetable juices for health

I propose some recipes with fruit and vegetable juices, easy to prepare and very beneficial to our health. For fruit and vegetable juices, we use only fresh and healthy fruits. Fruits and vegetables, before we put them in the juicer, wash them thoroughly with cold water, then cut them thin slices.

Fruit and vegetable juices are consumed only within the first three hours after preparation, as slowly as possible, over 1-2 hours. Before consuming fruit and vegetable juices and 3 hours after, do not eat anything. If one of the fruit and vegetable juices, does not have a pleasant taste, can be mixed with another. When the juice is consumed exclusively, that quantity will be 1-2 litres/day. The cure with fruit and vegetable juices is made in this case one day a week.

Fruit and vegetable juices – therapeutic indications

fruit and vegetable juices for health
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Blueberry juice: colitis, diarrhea, dysentery, colibacilosis, prevents recurrence of urinary infections.

Strawberryjuice: rheumatic diseases, growth disorders in children.

Cherry juice: rheumatic diseases, atherosclerosis, gout, obesity, vascular fragility.

Dude juice: constipation, afte, stomatitis.

Grapefruitjuice: fatigue, anorexia, liver failure, vascular fragility.

Lemonjuice: fatigue, convalescence, stomach ulcer, growth period in children.

Apple cider vinegar
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Apple juice: rheumatic diseases, gout, constipation, asthenia, atherosclerosis (prophylactic).

Pears juice: anemia, asthenia, diarrhea, gout, overdevelopment, tuberculosis.

Orange juice: atherosclerosis, fever, convalescence, period of growth in children.

Plumjuice: fatigue, rheumatic diseases, convalescence, growth period in children.

Grapejuice: famous for its special qualities, also called “vegetable milk”, is recommended in rheumatic diseases, gout, biliary and renal lithiasis, as well as in obesity. In the case of obesity, it is recommended exclusively, 1-2 days a week, to consume 1 liter of grape juice per day.

Potato juice: gastric and duodenal ulcer, diabetes mellitus. Potato juice can be drunk simply or mixed with celery or lemon juice.

Cucumber juice
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Cucumber juice: rheumatic diseases and gout. It can be drunk simply or mixed with celery juice or grapes, being effective in combating wrinkles. External applications can also be made.

Onionjuice: diabetes mellitus, rheumatic diseases, prostatitis, edema. It can be eaten simply or mixed with carrot juice or celery.

Carrot juice: gastric or duodenal ulcer, colitis, diarrhea, constipation, hepatobiliary diseases, intoxication, skin diseases, early aging, lung cancer (prophylactic), simple or mixed with celery juice, red, parsley and a little lemon juice.

Turnip juice : renal lithiasis,gout, bronchitis, cough, obesity, furunculosis, frostbite (for external use).

Dandelionjuice: biliary and renal lithiasis, liver failure, rheumatic diseases, gout, obesity, atherosclerosis (simple or mixed with celery or parsley juice).

Leek juice: renal lithiasis, renal failure, rheumatic diseases, gout, obesity, atherosclerosis (mixed with celery or parsley juice).

fruit and vegetable juices for health
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Red-spoke juice: anorexia, asthenia, chronic poisoning, fatigue, arteriosclerosis, rheumatic diseases, biliary and renal lithiasis, gout (simple or mixed with parsley juice).

Radish juice (black or red): renal and biliary lithiasis, rheumatic diseases, anorexia. It’s easy to consume.

Salad juice (lettuce):insomnia, neuroses, palpitations, sexual arousal (simple or mixed with celery juice, parsley and red parsley).

Beetrootjuice: anemia, tuberculosis, gout, demineralization (simple or mixed with celery or parsley juice).

Spinachjuice: convalescence, fatigue (simple or mixed with celery or parsley juice).

Asparagusjuice: fatigue (simple or mixed with celery or spinach juice).

Celery juice: fatigue, tuberculosis, rheumatic diseases, gout, renal lithiasis, lung disease, sexual impotence (simple or mixed with red or spinach juice).

Raw cabbage juice: gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, bronchitis, fatigue (simple or mixed with potato, carrot or parsley juice).

fruit and vegetable juices for health
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It is good to introduce as many fruit and vegetable juices into our diet as possible. In addition to these fruit and vegetable juices listed above, nature offers us foods with remarkable therapeutic properties: garlic(garlic juice “the elixir of youth”), onions, cabbage, carrot, parsley, peaches, strawberries, cherries,yogurt, wheat (in the form of sprouted wheat or bran), honey, pollen, beer yeast,quail eggs. Don’t forget a perfect life means health, with it we achieve everything we want! Let’s live in harmony with nature!

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