3 coffee recipes

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A coffee break

Wherever and whenever we take a coffee break, we want to enjoy the moment to the fullest. We choose the right coffee from Nespressoto give us a moment of pleasure and to welcome us. Whether we choose Intenso, Espresso, Pure Origin or Variations, we have certainty the quality of the best coffee beans, from the best cultures of the world, known as “Gourmet coffee”.

There is a beautiful alchemy between coffee and milk. We change the taste of your favorite coffee by adding milk in three ways: a drop, a frothy topping or mixing a generous amount of hot milk. For the intolerant (casein), they can choose almond milk from Alpro. All the flavors will be surprising!

All Nespresso Grands Crus coffees blend excellently with milk, even those with a more delicate and nuanced character develop surprising new dimensions when mixing them with milk, milk foam or whipped cream. But let’s get to work and make one of three recipes! What coffee do you guys choose?!

Iced Lungo Macchiato

3 coffee recipes
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It is a recommended recipe for Lungo: Fortissio Lungo, Vivalto Lungo, Linizio Lungo. These are complex and balanced varieties, delicate at the same time, rich in flavors, with exceptional sweet notes of cereals, subtle floral notes, malt specific to the Bourbon variety, with high or low intensity, while maintaining the gentle and delicate character.

Ingredients: 1 capsule Fortissio Lungo / Linizio Lungo / or Vivalto Lungo, 1 large ice cube, 3-4 teaspoons cold milk foam, 1 teaspoon brown sugar (optional), cocoa powder (optional).

Preparation mode: put the ice cube in a cup for Lungo or a cup for Americano, add a teaspoon of brown sugar (optional) and extract the coffee (110 ml) over. We prepare cold milk foam using the Aeroccino or Barista machine. Pour 3-4 teaspoons of cold milk foam over and decorate with cocoa powder.

Tropical Mango

3 coffee recipes
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This recipe is recommended for the intense coffee assortments: Ispirazione Palermo Kazaar, Ristretto Italiano, Arpeggio or Rome. The extremely intense and syrupy Kazakh Kazaar, from Brazil and Guatemala, is a coffee of exceptional intensity. This riseretto has a strong bitter taste, with peppery, balanced notes, a dense and creamy texture.

Arpeggio, intense and creamy, comprises a strong bouquet of flavors, combining cocoa notes with intense roasting. Rome is distinguished by its woody notes and intense roasting notes. Rome is the ideal coffee for those who want a strong and delicate espresso at the same time.

Ingredients: 1 capsule Inspirazione Palermo Kazaar / Risetto Italiano / Firenze Arpeggio / Decaffeinato / or Rome, 3 ice cubes or crushed ice (90 g), 100 ml mango juice, cold milk.

Preparation mode: add the ice to the glass and pour the mango juice over. We extract espresso (40 ml) a capsule of Inspirazione Palermo Kazaar / Risetto Italiano / Firenze Arpeggio / Firenze Arpeggio Decaffeinato / Rome, in the glass. We prepare the cold milk foam with the Aeroccino machine and pour it into the glass over the coffee.


3 coffee recipes
Image from Pixabay

This recipe is recommended for Espresso assortments: Inspirazione Genoa Livanto / Volluto / or Cosi. Livanto, is a balanced espresso, characterized by pleasant notes of melted caramel. It best evokes the scent of freshly roasted coffee, just out of the toaster. Volluto, it is light and sweet, with a delicious fragrance and full texture, highlighting sweet notes of biscuits, accentuated by slightly acidic, fruity, delicate notes.

Cosi, it is delicate, lightly roasted, of Arabica coffee varieties from eastern Africa and from Central and South America. It is a balanced blend of flavors, with light roasting notes and cereal notes, complemented deliciously by fruity, subtle notes.

Ingredients: 1 capsule Inspirazione Genoa Livanto / Volluto / or Cosi, 1 cup of vanilla ice cream / chocolate / hazelnuts / or lemon.

Preparation mode: add a cup of vanilla ice cream(chocolate, hazelnuts or lemon) to a cup for Lungo or Cappuccino. We extract espresso (40 ml) capsule of Inspirazione Genoa Livanto, Volluto or Cosi over ice cream. This way we can enjoy the best coffee prepared by us! What are you saying? Try?

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