3 cures from our grandparents

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Natural cures

There are a lot of cures that we still use today inherited from our grandparents. They are remedies from when the earth and surely many of us recognize them and remember fondly the benevolent grandparents and great-grandparents, who gave us the natural medicines, only of them known, in which they also put a lot of love.

3 cures from grandparents
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Most cures are related to the cold,which cross our threshold several times a year and do not allow to be carried with either one or two (pills). I remembered as a dream, the medical secrets of my childhood. When we have a longer flu, which leaves us with nothing that exists on the market, and time to wait for the invention of new drugs, we don’t really have, we turn to natural cures.

The kitchen is where diseases are cured, rather than at the pharmacy, it seems to me. Onions,potatoes, honey,milk and eggs are part of the cures nature gives us. I propose 3 simple cures that you can also use at home: onion tea, sodole and shaved potatoes with spirits.

Onion tea

Probably a lot of us are already crooked, just at the thought of taste and know that you’re not wrong at all, it’s terrible. But we’re aware that we don’t drink it for pleasure, we drink it in need. After a severe cold or a nagging cough, our chest hurts too, the neck is no longer happy either, then it’s time to act with natural cures.

3 cures from grandparents
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We need a large onion, which we boil well. We’ll leave it covered for a few more minutes, then we’ll take it off the fire. Onion tea is drunk hot-warm. It certainly tempts you to put some honey in the cup, but I personally do not recommend. So you better try without in a first instance. You’re going to suffer, but you’re going to get it.

The snow, my favorite

We need an egg, hot milk, sugar or honey. These ingredients are magical for the ailing neck. Put the milk to boil, rub the yolk with the sugar, pour the hot liquid into the cup and drink. Neck pain will be history in the second cup. In other words, it is good not to underestimate the power of the raw egg in neck problems.

Garnish of shaved potatoes with spirit

It is one of the most effective natural cures for sore throats. In extreme cases of cold, we can also prepare a mixture of hot corn (mamăliga) carefully placed directly on the chest or wrapped in a towel.

3 cures from grandparents
Image from Pixabay

If the sore throat snot has even passed with the sodo mentioned, shave two healthy potatoes, like carrots for a soup. Place on a towel, pour the spirit generously over them and place this “collar” around the neck. You’ll feel immobilized, the towel will stain irretrievably, the spirt will run on your shirt or blouse, but it’s worth a try!

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