3 ice cream recipes

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Ice cream does not fatten

How can we refuse such a cool pleasure? Ice cream! Any seasonal preparation should be nutritious, clean and bring us a taste joy! When we’re craving something sweet, for example, the brain already relishes that sweet and doesn’t understand why we don’t give it to it. Let’s give it to him intelligently by choosing one of the 3 ice cream recipes that I will present below.

Forget at least one day of sugar, soy lecithin, milk powder, dextrose, corn starch, hydrogenated fats, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavors. These are the ingredients for commercial ice cream. It’s a sweet concentrate that brings us calories, but not even a nutrient.

3 ice cream recipes
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I do not recommend you to give up ice cream, but I suggest you buy some shapes for this sweet product and prepare it in the easiest way possible. Put in a bowl natural cream, a little cocoa, vanilla, natural honey and fruit to taste. Mix well, taste and add a little more honey, if you like the taste. Freezing is also lost in the sweet taste.

Pour the mixture into shapes and leave in the freezer for 2-3 hours. And then we taste a symphony of flavors. It’s not a fada ice cream, on the contrary rich, it doesn’t have the fewest calories, but even if it does, it feeds us. There is no need to ignore in the summer, on cooler evenings, when we are lazy on the terrace and do not feel guilty about laziness.

Home-made ice cream made from natural and fresh ingredients can also be offered to the little ones with confidence. Specialists argue that the cold sweet does not harm the ENT area. So kids don’t have a sore throat if they eat an ice cream. His throat hurts because of the viruses that exist in the warm season. Preparation takes exactly 5 minutes, let’s get to work!

Chocolate ice cream

3 ice cream recipes
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Ingredients: 120 ml seasonal fruit juice, 50 g sweet dried fruit, 50 g natural yogurt, 50 g cream, 130 g honey, 30 g natural chocolate.

Preparation mode: Fruit juice is combined with dried fruit. Add yogurt, whipped cream, honey and mix well. We also put chocolate and pour into plastic or waffle shapes. Leave in the freezer for five hours. Above we can sprinkle chocolate, nuts or peanuts of your choice.

Cranberry ice cream

Ingredients: 100 g dried cranberry, 225 ml fruit juice, 130 g honey, 2 packets of natural vanilla, 200 g cream, 600 ml milk, fresh mint leaves.

Method of preparation: from the above quantities we get generous portions for 4 people. Dried cranberry fruit, combine with fruit juice. Place honey, vanilla, cream and milk in the resulting juice. Mix with a simple mixer. Place in shapes and leave in the freezer for 3 hours. Serve with fresh mint.

Ice cream on the stick

3 ice cream recipes
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Ingredients: 40 g dried fruit, 100 ml strawberryjuice , 125 g strawberries, 50 g honey, 1 package natural vanilla, 4 sticks of ice cream.

Preparation:dried fruits are mixed with fresh fruit, fruit juice, honey and vanilla. The juice obtained is put into shapes, in which we insert an ice cream stick. It is the simplest recipe for ice cream and the best, because it excludes animal fats. Have a good time!

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