5 natural essences for beauty

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I propose the top 5 natural essences present in cosmetics, oils and perfumes. These natural essences, extracted from aloe vera, almonds, coconut, neroli, vanilla or horsetail, are beneficial for beauty, due to the richness of vitamins and fine flavors that relax us and give us the well-being.

Essences of aloe vera

5 natural essences for beauty
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Aloe vera, he doesn’t need any more comment. It is the wonder plant that treats burns, acne, skin dehydration or digestive problems. Aloe vera is present in cosmetics, makeup removers, care masks, but also as a solution for any unsightly mark on the face.

Aloe vera, has a fine smell of green grass and accompanies facial cleansingprocedures , before and after applying makeup by women or after shaving by men. It is known that the sun accelerates aging if we generously give it hours and days in a string to tanning. Aloe vera, with its rich content in vitamins C and E, helps us to delay the appearance of wrinkles, especially after an aggressive tan.

Aloe vera also improves skin quality in terms of stretch marks, but it can’t work wonders where skin fibers are deeply compromised. This wonder plant should be listed on your list in the natural anti-aging cosmeticssection.

Almond oil, on the list of precious essences!

5 natural essences for beauty
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We all already know, the precious essences in small bottles are preserved. The saying is perfectly true in the case of almond oil. If you care about health you can add it to all kinds of salads. However, if you want beneficial effects on the skin at an acceptable cost, you can stick to facial applications in areas with wrinkles or burns,because almond oil has a strong regenerativeeffect.

Almond oil, combats inflammation and successfully heals the skin, especially when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Almond powder, you can include it in the ritual of care, in combination with aloe vera gel and a little honey, in the form of a scrub that gently removes dead cells from the surface of the skin. This combination of ingredients is kept on the face for a few minutes, then rinsed with lukewarm water.

Coconut oil rich in antioxidants

5 natural essences for beauty
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There’s no way to get over the unmistakable aroma of coconut oil! It may not please everyone, we may be thinking about sweets, but we have to get over all the fads if we want to deal with aggressions of all kinds in the environment.

Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants, being an effective remedy against pollutant factors that stick to our skin and dig at the foundation of beauty. Good coconut fat, rich in vitamin E, restores skin after burns over the summer and protects us from the invasion of microbes through antimicrobial agents.

Coconut oil, together with marigold oil and karoite butter, forms a cosmetic balm for sun-degraded skin. As coconut flakes can form the basis of a delicious exfoliation ritual in combination with oatmeal, lemon essential oil, all incorporated into a moisturizing body milk, the skin will shine. Coconut oil is also an excellent remedy for hair.

Neroli or the aromatic benefits of orange

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Essential oils are the treasure of any natural product factory. The smell of oranges is noticeable in the range of various flavors. It is true that the air emanating from a can of pure essential oil is hard to bear by the stomach. But in some dilutions, orange essences work wonders.

Bathing in a bathtub where a few drops of essential orange oil have been dripped, relaxesus , and the skin becomes velvety. The inviting smell spoils our senses, but don’t stop innovating in body care.

Whenever we can improve a simple body milk in a delicious cosmetic product if it slips into the bottle only a few drops of the essential oil of orange flowers. Massage the skin until it incorporates the product and the smell will be irresistible. It is possible that the subtle flavor is enough to give up turning to perfume.

Vanilla, for beautiful skin

5 natural essences for beauty
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Vanilla is undeniably the star in the kitchen, but the cosmetics industry also makes full use of it. It also seduces many because it incorporates a molecule similar to that of breast milk. For some it is perhaps too sweet, but even for the most demanding noses it should grit its teeth and accept its benefits.

Vanilla contains substances that speed up scarring. Applied to the skin, stimulates the development of growth factors, so important for sun-exposed skin. The mixture of bio-olive or sunflower oils and vanilla bar powder helps to moisturize the skin. This oil can be used, for massage,bath or for degraded hair.

You can pamper your lips with a little vanilla embedded in the oil. Vanilla is aphrodisiac and for hair and body it is a true elixir. Karoite butter together with vanilla essential oil is ideal for dry skin on elbows, heels and other areas. It forms a fine film that can be the solution for dry skin.

Horse’s tail, the wonder of nature

5 natural essences for beauty
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Natural care experts say we should take more advantage of the benefits of this plant which abounds in vital elements for the skin and body. The Romans used this plant for its energizing qualities.

The horse’s tail contains vitamins C and E, silicon, salicylic acid, fatty acids, calcium, potassium and iron. This wonder of nature can be used for both health and beauty. The horse’s tail combats excess sebum, to tone the skin, combat acidity and alkalize the body.

It is known that increased acidity in the body is the basis of many conditions. We need to know that silicon present in significant quantities in the horse’s tail is part of each cell. This results in the important impact in maintaining the functioning of internal organs, but also the integrity and beautiful appearance of the skin, hair and nails.

Today, more and more natural cosmetics for the care of the face and body incorporate extracts of the horse’s tail. In addition to cosmetic benefits, this plant reduces discomfort in joints, ligaments and tendons. It also reduces discomfort in the hemorrhoidal veins and reduces the risk of bleeding. It is good to read carefully and maximum interest label!

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