5 tricks for a flawless manicure

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Manicure a beautiful business card

We all want to have a perfect manicure. To be beautiful, our nails must be primarily healthy and strong. The brittle nails, the soft ones, the exfoliating nails, as well as the completely unsightly cuticles that grow on their surface, are just some of the most common problems. Proper care with repairing products (based on vitamins and oils),remediates sensitivities and restores the texture of nails.

Choose with measure and avoid problems

Impeccable manicure means, according to some, to have almost ever nails covered with styling products or colors that are worn. However, we should monitor them constantly to avoid problems.

Impeccable manicure involves regular nail care and beauty with products specific to the modern cosmetics industry. When the nails are too soft we strengthen them with special products, when they turn yellow we cover them with nail polish. When exfoliating easily and can not grow, we apply extensions, acrylic gel, fake nails, etc.

5 tricks for a flawless manicure
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The nail absorbs all these substances, because it is hydrophile. The nail absorbs all chemicals that dissolve in water, including toxins from nail polish, protective gels and nail beauty.

Some of these products may contain toluene, a formaldehyde, oxybenzone or dibutyl phthalate. These are the most well-known toxic substances found in nail polish and its dilution or removal products. Toluene is a benzene derivative and is used as a diluent for industrial paints.

Chronic exposure to these substances can cause anemia, decrease in the number of blood cells, can affect the kidneys, liver and after some specialists even pregnancy in pregnant women. That’s why pregnant women should be extremely careful about labeling nail products. Formaldehydes are carcinogens that could lead to infertility or tumors, according to research.

5 remedies at your home for flawless manicure

An iron and zinc cure as well as B-complex vitamins enriched with trace elements, especially silicon and sulfur strengthen fragile nails that break out of the blue, exfoliate and lose their corners.

5 tricks for a flawless manicure
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Hydration can be done with natural carbonated mineral waters rich in calcium and magnesium, sulfur, as well as mineral salts found in pharmacies, for rehydration.

Diet rich in foods containing calcium, vitamin D, water and sulfur, such as cabbage,seafood, eggs, onions,cucumbers, restore the health of the nails.

A healthy alternative to the “salon” manicure is a 100% natural manicure, which can also be practiced at home, as well as at some naturist spas. Consists in treating the nails with warm olive oil, followed by gentle pushing of the cuticle, after a prior softening, so as not to create any wounds. Just cut the excess occasionally.

Buffer is known to most women, but can also be used successfully in children, adolescents and even men, both in the hands and toenails, without the need to use varnish. The pink, glossy and beautiful appearance of a healthy nail can be obtained with the buffer, after the correct hairing of the nail. In addition, the buffer removes outdated or excess keratin, irregularities, closes the pores of the nail and stimulates microcirculation from the nail bed and cuticle, stimulating a beautiful growth of a healthy nail.

Hand Cosmetics

5 tricks for a flawless manicure
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  • Lemons. Rubbing hands with lemon slices, strengthens brittle nails and softens the skin.
  • Tomatoes. Velvets hands and especially softens and removes irritation snow caused by detergents.
  • Nutritious milk from 50 ml tomato juice, a teaspoon of glycerin and a pinch of salt. Allow as much as possible to penetrate the dermis and gently massage the skin.

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