6 reasons to turn failure into success

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From failure to success through mental reprogramming

Failure or success, where do we want to go?! We all want success, but we don’t know the usual problems that come with it. Some people want success without putting too much effort. Success is like an item in a list of things we want to accomplish. Of course, everyone can give a personal definition depending on how they perceive this fact.

Depression decreases immunity
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Success comes from our thoughts, based on their positive and constructive nature. It is almost impossible to bring happiness, good mood and light into the lives of those you know and not enjoy success yourself. Likewise, how you cannot cause suffering, despair and unhappiness to others by hoping that you will succeed in life.

Money is not proof of success. In fact, they are proof of failure if the process by which they were obtained was not one characterized by happiness and good intentions. I personally cherish every emotion, joy and gratitude I have experienced as a result of the opportunity I have had in recent years to support the community I have created through my writings and remarkable results in my personal coach and therapist practice.

Law of attraction – you reap what you sow

6 reasons to turn failure into success
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The Law of Attraction teaches us that the universe continually brings us the things and situations we resonate with. The obstacles we encounter all the time are part of nature’s plan, which places them there as the trainer places fences and obstacles over which the horse must jump. Most of the time our development comes from life experiences and then from books or teachers.

Our thoughts are like seeds planted in the ground, from which we later reap the harvest. It multiplies and grows, therefore, it is dangerous to allow the mind to insist on a destructive thought. These thoughts must be released, sooner or later, through physical actions.

Has it ever crossed your mind?

The brain transforms our lives
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Our mind is a complex machine that has not yet reached its full potential. It is our source of strength, desires, failures. Here are some reasons why some people embrace failure:

  • Life’s greatest tragedy is that people who try to be honest fail. Unfavorable hereditary inheritance.
  • Lack of a well-defined goal, lack of self-control and discipline.
  • Lack of ambition to overcome mediocrity, unsatisfactory education, prejudice.
  • Health problems, unfavorable influences in childhood, lack of enthusiasm.
  • Procrastination “eternal procrastination”, lack of perseverance, negative personality.
  • The uncontrolled desire to get something without giving anything in return.
  • Lack of well-defined decision-making power, excessive caution.
  • Wrong choice of business partners, superstitions and prejudices.
  • The habit of unjustified spending, the wrong choice of vocation, lack of concentration of effort.
  • Inability to communicate with others, excess or lack of temperance, egotism and vanity, guessing instead of thinking.
  • Possession of power not acquired by self-effort, intentional lying, lack of capital.

Autosuggestion and mental reprogramming

6 reasons to turn failure into success
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It is necessary to make an annual self-assessment, asking ourselves questions about failure and success in our lives. Through autosuggestion we keep in mind the thoughts that lead us to action, to a positive attitude. The qualities of the human mind must be nurtured and used in order to keep them alive.

There is a law of food and use at work throughout the universe that applies to all things that live and grow. This law states that any living being that is not nourished or used must die, and this also applies to the qualities of the human mind.

6 reasons to turn failure into success
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The only way to develop any quality of mind is to focus on it, meditate on it, and use it. We can only do this by experimenting, using our imagination. Do not waste time fighting back in front of those who upset you, direct your attention to constructive effort, not destructive effort.

Anger never brings anything good. Great souls usually belong to people who do not give in easily to anger and who rarely try to destroy their fellow human beings or hinder their initiatives. The person who can truly forgive and forget the harm someone has done to him has already taken a big step in his evolution. The world never defeats you before you defeat yourself. As long as you trust yourself, your mind works properly, you cannot be defeated in any righteous action you take. Use the power of affirmations and reprogram your mind to pave your way to prosperity.

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