8 reasons to choose the right mattress

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How to choose the right mattress

The right mattress we sleep on must be as loud as possible, without disturbing our sleep. The right quality mattress decisively influences the condition of our spine and indirectly our overall health. About a third of our lives we spend sleeping. When we sleep, our muscles relax and our bodies stretch. All the movements we make during sleep are different from the ones we do when we’re awake.

8 reasons to choose the right mattress
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Sleep movements require less energy, sleep being the best period for the rehabilitation of the spine. It is good to choose a hard mattress and sleep in a straight position, on the back, with elongated arms along the body and with relaxed legs. In this position, the weight is evenly distributed, the muscles are very relaxed and almost any dislocation of the vertebrae, which could have happened during the day, is easily corrected.

The right mattress – benefits

Many of us have a very deformed spine, and correcting the disturbances we all know, takes a lot of time and a lot of patience. The pain doesn’t go as fast as we’d like. However, everything can be corrected.

The right mattress and sleeping in the right position helps our heart to function without pressure, the blood pumps easily, and the circulation is good. As we already know good circulation facilitates the work of the liver in the detoxification process of the body.

A well-functioning liver means a better metabolism. This way we can lose between three and five kilos and get rid of many health problems after just two months of sleeping on a hard mattress.

After a few days of sleep, on a hard mattress we will feel back pain and muscle. Once the spinal dislocations are corrected, the pain will disappear. After about two weeks, since we choose the right mattress, we will feel much better.

Restful sleep accelerates healing
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The pillow on which we sleep must be hard, small and low. Those who can sleep without a pillow should put a rolled towel under their neck. The hard pillow helps to keep the nasal septum in good condition.

The nasal septum is responsible for the physiological balance in the functioning of all organs. Easy breathing through both sides of the nose is very important for the proper functioning of the body. In addition to this, the air is heated, cleaned and disinfected when passing through the nose.

When we sleep on soft, large and high pillows, the spine bends so that breathing through the nose becomes difficult and we begin to breathe through the mouth. This is dangerous to health, because all kinds of germs can thus penetrate the airways. Frequent colds, throat diseases and bronchitis are the effect of sleeping on high and soft pillows.

Why it’s harmful to sleep on a soft mattress

The spine bends and deforms when we sleep on a soft mattress and a tall pillow, compared to the hard mattress and small pillow where the vertebrae are correctly positioned. The quality (hardness) of the mattress decisively influences the condition of the spine and indirectly, our general health.

It is worth giving little importance to the place where we spend much of our lives. The bed should contribute to our health, not cause strain and damage. A soft mattress can negatively influence the functioning of our liver.

Restful sleep accelerates healing
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The liver is the body’s chemical laboratory. Hundreds of chemical reactions, known as metabolism, depend on the proper functioning of this laboratory. The space between the thoracic vertebrae, from the third to the twelfth, allows the efficient functioning of the liver. Sleeping on soft mattresses deforms the vertebrae, significantly worsening the functioning of the liver.

It is good to make a habit of taking care of our health and understanding that we are solely responsible for our own body. Sleeping on a hard mattress and a hard pillow keeps our spine strong and healthy. Don’t forget to follow a daily exercise program. We all know that “Life is movement“.

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