8 steps to a perfect make-up

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Sexy make-up and gala outfits

8 steps to a perfect make-up
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Sexy make-up and shiny attire are the main ingredients in the Holiday season. A new and sophisticated dress, requires a shiny make-up. All the ladies know that as the years go by we have to be impeccable, because that’s how we’re going to be all year to come.

Perfectly shiny complexion with foundation

The skin needs a little help to look perfect. For some of us, foundation is the most important makeup product. Once the texture is chosen, it remains to find the perfect shade, but even for that, there are innovative products.

Perfume and foundation have something in common, the way of testing. Just as we spray the perfume and let it sit down for a few hours before it decides to be ours, so so should we do it with the foundation. When we choose the right shade, the ideal is to apply all over the face and see how we feel “together” until the evening. It’s all ok, we feel it’s the perfect match for our skin, the decision has been made.

We use a base for makeup: Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer, Fenty Beauty. Quickly and naturally, we stretch the foundation with our fingers, and if we want to have artist make-up skills, we apply it by taping, with a pre-wetted makeup sponge or with a special brush.

8 steps to a perfect make-up
Image from Pixabay

The mattifying foundation, Ultra Le Teint Velvet, Chanel, is found in Douglas, Sephora and Chanel Espace Beauté stores. The Mattifying Foundation, Forever, Dior and the Lighting, The Etherealistic, Kevyn Aucoin, will surprise you pleasantly with a new formula that perfectly covers the skin, moisturizing it and giving it a natural and fresh look.

For fixing the foundation, if we do not want to alter the shade, we apply at the end a fine layer of translucent powder. At Douglas we find free powder, Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder, By Terry.

Gives color and shine

Fatigue, pollution and sedentaryism can leave marks on the face: the skin becomes matte, lack of shine, with a gray tinge. We can recover with rest and movement, but until then we can confidently turn to a pearly pink blush, sidefide, like The Body Shop Brush On Radiance. We can also use The Blush Trio from Anastasia Beverley Hills for a natural glow.

Defined eyebrows

For a make-up, by the book, we must not forget the eyebrows. They define the contour and expressiveness of our face and therefore need to be well defined. Their shape influences the harmony and physiognomy of the whole face. The shape of the perfect eyebrows has changed from one period to the next. If in the past thin eyebrows were fashionable, now the most desired are the thick ones, with the most natural appearance.

I am convinced that each of you want your eyebrows as beautiful as possible, with minimum effort, but to get the best results, leave yourself to a specialist. If we still want to achieve this at home we have to choose an eyebrow pencil or an eyebrow makeup kit in a hair-like shade. We use an eyebrow brush and eyelashes to arrange them and then trace short and light lines to add color and shape.

How do we choose eyeshadow?

8 steps to a perfect make-up
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For an elegant evening makeup, we choose lilac-violet for the eyelids, with pearl pigments, sidefaces. The movul fits any skin tone and enhances the color of the eyes, giving them shine. If you are not a fan of purple eyelids, you can instead opt for a purple contour with eyeliner. For brown eyes you can create an effect of Eyeshadow, the blue ones, best match with sideface textures in two shades of purple.

The eyeshadow is applied in such a way that the shade is darker at the lash line and increasingly blurred towards the arch. To give intensity to the eye, we contour the lash line with a black pencil, then apply the eyeshadow. We can also try false eyelashes, for a spectacular effect, for special events. It is good to choose the variant of individual false eyelashes, which seem natural and give a sophisticated look. After we have glued them, we apply 2-3 layers of black mascara.

The tight eyeshadow in the folds of the eyelids, are not aesthetic. We can prevent this skid of makeup if we use primer and fix, at the end with powder, or newer with a top coat specially created for added strength and shine. The base for eyeshadow, Eye Primer and Dewy Set fixer spray, we find them at Anastasia Beverly Hills. Top for eyeshadow is Shadow PREMIère, Top Coat, Chanel and for shine can be applied as primer or for fixing makeup, Glow Mist from Douglas.

The SPF 30 anti-pollution spray, make-up friendly, Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist, from The Body Shop, is sprayed from about 20 centimeters away, and the makeup will be flawless, fresh and natural.

Gloss shades suitable for purple tones

Purple lips give pale skin and are not the best choice. Instead the tones of pink, rose and raspberry are irresistible. Dior Crystal Gloss, Rose is ideal for a fresh and stylish look. Astor Shine Deluxe Pearls comes with an enhanced formula with royal jelly, moisturizing and nourishing at the same time. We can also opt for Bourjois Effect 3 D, Raspberry, Tonic, excellent for sensual lips.

Time for red lips

8 steps to a perfect make-up
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Sensuality, femininity, history, audacity, confidence, passion and the list remains open. Ladies, without needing too many “Rujul” presentations. We love matte textures, but some give us the feeling that it dries our lips. We don’t have to give up, we just have to form a new habit, from applying a generous layer of butter or lip balmin the evening before bed, for hydration and volume, and the application of matte lipstick will be perfect. We can use lip butter, Lip Butter, The Body Shop.

If the shade of lipstick chosen does not match our claims, we do not clean the lips conscientiously because we risk spoiling the makeup. We tap the excess with a napkin and correct the color with another lipstick. The natural color of the lips can make the lipstick look different on the lips than the shade in the tube. Therefore, a good idea would be to first apply a little foundation on the lips, as a basis for lipstick, so we get the desired color.

Transfer-resistant lipstick, Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue, Chanel, is available exclusively in Chanel Space Beauté. We can choose Lipstick, Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge, available in Sephora and Douglas. An excellent choice would be also Senai’s Anti-Aging Lipstick. You can choose the matte lipstick, Rouge Allure Liquid Powder from Chanel.

Nails that look so good!

8 steps to a perfect make-up
Image from Pixabay

Red lips go great with red nails. We have to be careful how we match the shades, never orange red tones with plum cherry. The fast-approaching festive season is defined by brilliance, by an exuberant extravagance, which embraces us year after year both at the level of the “mindset” and in terms of the desire to display ourselves in accordance with the solemnity of the event. Shades of violet, indigo, grena or plum with gold or silver sparkles are the right choice for nails.

Thus, from clothing to the smallest details, the manicure must be put in place. Elegance also means a fine and neat hand. It’s that detail that complements and balances your outfit. You can opt for the SPA manicure. Professionals in the field, know the latest trends in fashion and more than that, you also benefit from treatments suitable for each type. Whether you choose, care at home or at the salon, leave your hand admired and opt for the most popular nail colors of the season.

How do you get your hair done?

Classic or rebellious, friend with combs or strands studied disordered, no matter what genre you are this season, hairstilists recommend that we keep the path in the middle in combination with any hairstyle. It doesn’t matter if the hair is long or short, wavy or straight, caught or left loose, the hairstylists have brought back to the attention, the basis of a classic combing, the path in the middle. It depends on each how it integrates the straight or slightly imperfect line of a hairstyles-statement depending on the personality.

Those who choose short hair will adopt a line that fits their face, with carefully cut strands. At medium length hair, the long bob, which is still fashionable, with long strands and a straight contour, is suitable. Think of actress Jennifer Aniston! Long hair, can be curled for volume and left on the back. The choice you choose depends on you! Be brilliant!

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