9 natural remedies for perfect skin

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A beautiful skin with natural remedies

We all want to have perfect skin. As the years go by, pollution, the sun, diet, contribute to how our skin looks. We have at hand natural remedies that we can apply at home in case we fail to reach a beauty salon.

One of the biggest problems with the neckline is the wrinkle of the skin due to sleep on one side that causes the epidermis to tighten. To get rid of the unsightly appearance of the neckline there are numerous remedies. One of them is to apply a moisturizing mask 2-3 times a week. We can choose any of the following fruits: peaches, strawberries, grapes and a little honey.

Almond exfoliation

9 natural remedies for perfect skin
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Almond exfoliation is one of the remedies that is done once a week. The skin of the neckline needs a thorough cleansing. For home-cooked masks we can prepare a mixture of finely ground almonds, an egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey. Massage the neckline with this mixture 2-3 minutes.

Neck and décolletage mask

Mix two tablespoons of cottage cheese with one tablespoon of yogurt, half a well-baked banana and a fresh egg yolk. We use a clean wooden spoon with which to pass the banana core well and homogenize the preparation. Once a week, preferably in the evening, after showering, we apply the mask for the neck and neckline in a uniform layer. We let it act for 30 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

Rose extract for fine skin

9 natural remedies for perfect skin
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Rose extract is one of the natural remedies for rashes. We pick fresh rose petals, put them in a jar, over which we pour half a liter of apple vinegar (cider), in boiling. We hermetically cover the container and leave it to macerate for two weeks, then squeeze.

This vinegar with roses is excellent for treating rashes, mycoses and irritations. It can also be used as a tonic lotion after makeup, because it has the same ph as healthy skin. The skin will be smooth and velvety.

Lemon preparation

This lemon preparation is ideal for the imperfections of the epidermis. We take the peels from 2-3 fresh lemons and put them to macerate, for 8 days, in 400 ml apple vinegar. After this interval, the liquid is filtered and passed into a glass container fitted with a stopper. The lemon preparation is kept cold and dark.

It’s one of the best remedies for pigment spots. Regularly applying the preparation leads to their elimination. It’s a good remedy and against warts. Place a few drops of this preparation on the surface of the warts, which will be removed in record time. Against warts can also be made poultices with castor oil.

Ivy vinegar for cellulite

9 natural remedies for perfect skin
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Ivy ice cream is one of the effective remedies for cellulite elimination. Put 50 g ivy leaves, washed and shredded beforehand, in a liter of apple vinegar. After 6 hours we sneak and pour the finished product into dark bottles with corks. We keep them dark and cold.

Ivy is one of the best natural anti-cellulite remedies, and apple vinegar helps to dissipate fat deposits and maintains skin tonicity. We rub the areas affected by cellulite, every day, for a longer time. It is also a good remedy for neuralgia. Massage the painful places with a few drops of vinegar with ivy, to soothe them.

9 natural remedies for perfect skin
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Another recipe for cellulite: in a bowl with 750 ml of 45 degree sanitary alcohol, put to macerate 30 g juniper berries, 20 g three-stained brothers, 20 g curly, 20 g sage leaves, 10 g elderflowers. Leave to macerate for 10 days, during which time we often shake the container. We strain and keep the liquid in dark bottles. Each evening after shower, the problem areas are rubbed for 10-15 minutes with this solution.

Ivy is the main ingredient of the most famous anticellulite creams. Another remedy is the ivy infusion. Place 400 g plant in 2 liters of water. Allow to boil over heat for 30 minutes over low heat. Soak compresses in tea and apply to affected places. Keep for a quarter of an hour, then replace with fresh ones, just the same until the tea is finished. It is one of the remedies that is applied twice a week.

Massage with coffee grounds

tea or coffee
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For a smooth skin, after the bath massage the body with corn flour to remove dead cells. For cellulite is made a massage with coffee grounds. Castor oil poultices are used against warts.

We lay a towel on the floor in the bathroom. We take the zase from a liter of hard, lukewarm coffee and start rubbing it with it, using a glove on the areas affected by cellulite, until we exhaust all the residue. Let it act for 5 minutes, then remove the remaining residues on the epidermis, gently rubbing with the palms. After a warm shower and after the skin has shaken we use an anti-cellulite cream based on ivy.

Bath of bran with emollient effect

For smooth and smooth skin we can do weekly baths with bran. This is done: a bag is made of gauze, which will be filled with wheat bran. For a bath it takes a pound. Hang the faucet cover so that water can flow over it in the tub half filled with lukewarm water. The bath lasts 10-15 minutes and has a calming and emollient effect.

Massage with oil and chamomile tincture

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Tincture is obtained from 40 g chamomile flowers for four tablespoons of alcohol for food use. After 8 hours of maceration, divide the extract into two equal parts: one structured, store in a dark bottle, and in the other add 100 ml olive oil and boil in bain-marie for two hours, then filter by pressing and also pass into a coloured bottle.

Massage the areas affected by cellulite with chamomile oil combined with simple tincture (20 ml tincture to 60 ml oil) for 20 minutes. Treatment lasts several months, the first visible results are seen after at least three weeks. This is one of the guaranteed remedies, even if the effects leave a little longer to be expected.

Olive oil, natural moisturizer

Beautiful and velvety hands with 5 natural remedies
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One of the best natural remedies is olive oil. It is the best natural moisturizer for skin, elbows and heels. Apply to wet skin immediately after bathing while pores are still open and massage as well as possible. Because it doesn’t get into the skin fast, we don’t get dressed right away. Let it work for at least half an hour and then gently dab it with a towel to remove the excess.

It is also very effective as a beach lotion, helping to accentuate the tan. With the help of olive oil we prevent excessive drying, thickening and cracking of the skin in the elbows and heels. If we regularly exfoliate the skin with a pumice stone or other abrasive product, we immediately apply olive oil. We have these remedies at our fingertips, without spending large sums on chemicals that are late for results. Along with healthy food and movement, natural remedies will give quick and safe results.

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