Allergies and what causes them

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Tests for food allergies

Allergy is an exaggerated reaction of the body in response to a foreign substance (allergen), which is harmless to a non-allergic person. The causes can be multiple: allergy to pollution, allergy to histamine, ambrosia, gluten-containing foods, respiratory allergies, smoke, dust and mold, animal hair and even cold allergy.

Many troublesome conditions such as swelling, hives, weight gain and excessive appetite are due to allergies and food sensitivities. As food becomes more and more contaminated with pesticides and genetic changes, food also becomes more and more common.

Allergies and what causes them
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You can, however, identify and avoid the foods your body rejects by noticing the disappearance of symptoms. There is no curative treatment for allergy, the only solution is to stop allergenic foods, or other factors that produce it. Skin tests and blood tests can be done to detect the causes of allergy.

Food allergies

Allergy is a reaction of the immune system to a food that is not accepted by the body. An easy way to identify foods you’re allergic to or intolerant about is to educate yourself and observe your own reactions.

What foods cause you uncontrolled cravings, so you feel like you can’t stop eating once you’ve taken a bite or sipped from it? Often uncontrolled cravings are a sign of allergy.

Allergies and what causes them
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The most common allergies and food sensitivities are those to: milk (lactose intolerance), eggs, peanuts, nuts (of all kinds: cashews, almonds,etc.) fish, shellfish (crabs, lobsters, shrimps) soy products, wheat gluten, etc.

In addition to these main groups, there are many other ingredients that can cause health problems. Once you’ve identified the foods that are in your business, you’ll need to check the labels of the products you buy with the utmost care and ask the waiters for details about the preparation and content of the menu they serve at the restaurant.

Symptoms of allergy

Various symptoms may occur in food allergens, such as: skin allergies, itching, rash, redness or swelling of the face and limbs, respiratory symptoms, swelling of the throat and difficulty breathing, feeling suffocated. Fruits that are commercially available are treated with a lot of pesticides.

Allergies and what causes them
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We already know that citrus fruits are treated with Thiabendazole or Imazalil (E 233), a very dangerous pesticide used in agriculture to fight diseases and pests (which attack the liver and kidneys).

The same goes for the other fruits, I say it from my own experience, because I also experienced a severe allergy after eating apples from the supermarket.

It is recommended that we wash the fruit thoroughly before eating them. You can add in the water in which you wash the baking soda fruits or a few tablespoons of apple vinegar.


Many people are dependent on the very foods to which they have the greatest intolerance. For example, if you want very large amounts of dairy products, consider eliminating them completely from your diet for a week or two.

Let’s say that in the morning at breakfast you eat cereal with milk, a cheese sandwich at noon and pasta with cheese in the evening. Dairy products appear in all these foods. That’s why if you give them up for a while, you’ll definitely feel a significant difference.

After the passage of the established inevitable, reintroduce these products into the diet and observe very carefully how you feel. If symptoms intensify in the first few days, the digestive system makes considerable efforts to digest this group of products. In this case it is necessary to take a break of several months for the body to recover. You can extend the period without returning to the consumption of these products.

It also notices possible sensations of bloating, swelling (waterretention) and itching after ingestion of a particular food or drink. All these are clear signs of allergy or tenderness. Remove that food or drink from your diet and see if the symptoms go away.

Listen to your body and have a wise attitude!

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