Anti-aging treatments with organic products

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Organic products

Organic products remain the source of the best anti-agig ingredients. Organic products are fruits and vegetables resulting from the organic farming process. Although the definition of organic food differs from country to country, organic farming promotes ecological balance, preserving biodiversity through resource recycling.

Anti-aging treatments with organic products
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Currently, the European Community, the United States, Canada, Japan and many other countries require producers to have special certification in order to be able to sell their products under the label of organic products.

While there may be some differences in the nutrient and anti-nutrient content of organic or conventional products, the variable nature of food production makes it difficult to generalize the results. There is insufficient evidence to support claims that organic foods are safer or healthier than conventional foods.

The use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers is not allowed when talking about organic products. In general, organic products are not sterilised by irradiation, industrial solvents and do not contain synthetic additives

Between natural and bio-organic products, the difference is precisely these steps mentioned in production. Products called generic natural are plant-based. They have not been grown on organic land nor have they been subjected to natural processes without chemicals to obtain the final product.

Anti-aging treatments with organic products
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Organic organic certification products are numerous, with some of the best known products at European level being those in the cosmetic industry.

Anti-aging treatments appropriate to your own needs

Anti-aging treatments, with organic products, are done according to the needs of each individual. There are four large groups of facials, anti-aging, which generate certain effects and as many categories of plants specific to each of them.

The detoxification effect of the epidermis. It is based on clay, in combination with fresh extracts of carrot, cucumber, courgettes, cabbage, dandelion, parsley, with the indication that all these come only from organic greenhouses.

The effect of stimulating superficial circulation in the hypodermis. It is based on whole cedar flour, brought from Siberia and whole rice, over which comes the action of fruits such as avocado, mango or khaki (imported from Israel from organic crops).

Nutritional, regenerating and hydrating effect. It is based on wheat germs in combination with sea buckthorn extract, essential oils from green tea, eucalyptus, basil, thyme, gingobiloba, ginseng.

Anti-aging treatments with organic products
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For the body,plant combinations include sage, dandelion, rosemary, ginger,coriander, organic or mineral sludge and oily extracts of khaki, green tea, ginseng, gingobiloba, arna, honey. For anti-agingtreatments, the beneficial effects we will only feel if we use organic products.

At first glance it seems simple, because the mixtures bring, somewhere, with the traditional potions of grandparents. However, therapies only pay for the best if we perform them in cosmetic-aesthetic offices. It’s not a fad, it’s not a marketing policy, it’s a very well-justified truth. In cosmetic offices you find the absolutely necessary conditions for these melanges of natural ingredients to get exactly where the cause of our problems is, i.e. in the molecular nucleus and not only act on the surface of the skin.

Anti-aging effect by stimulating cellular activity in the production of collagen and elastin. It is based on honey, combined with royal jelly, propolis, Ayurvedic plants such as: vamsa, mimosa, turmeric.

Anti-aging facial treatment with organic products

Anti-aging treatments with organic products
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Anti-aging treatment begins with a mild makeup. Next comes the first detox mask, with clay, applied in abundance on the face, neck and décolletage, then seven minutes of red and infrared light. After it is removed, clean the face with carrot juice. The ritual is resumed with the other three masks, with rice flour for circulation, wheat germs for feeding and honey with anti-aging effect.

Application of the last mask is done together with a neck massage and acupressure movements. This massage is not just about the face and décolletage, but also lowers the hands that need the same anti-aging treatment as the complexion. Finally, after cleaning the mask, we apply a nourishing anti-aging cream from organic products.


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