Apple cider vinegar -8 benefits

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Apple cider vinegar

It is good to use apple cider vinegar due to its undeniable health qualities. Apple cider vinegar contains malic acid (C4H6O5). When it reacts with the bases and minerals, it produces glycogen, which helps regulate the menstrual cycle, improves the condition of blood vessels and helps to produce erythrocytes.

One of the most valuable qualities of apple vinegar is the high potassium content, necessary for calming the nervous system, regulating hormonal functions and retaining calcium, iron, magnesium and silicone in the body. Apple vinegar can be bought from shops or prepared in the house.

How to prepare apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar
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Depending on the amount of ingredients we can prepare and the amount of apple vinegar we need. Cut the apples and set aside the damaged parts. Crush apples, including peel and seeds. Put the pulp in an enamelled or wide-mouthed glass container and add lukewarm boiled water.

To 1 liter of water, we add 800 g of applepulp , 100 g of honey, 10 g of yeast and 20 g of dry black bread (repeat, the amount for 1 liter of water). Cover the container with a lid and let it sit at 20-30 degrees Celsius, to ferment. The constant temperature and wide opening of the container helps fermentation.

Mix with a wooden spoon every day. After ten days, we put in a gauze and squeeze the juice. Filter the juice in a wide-mouthed container. Add 60 g of honey to 1 liter of juice and stir until the honey is dissolved. Cover the container with a piece of gauze and let it sit at 25-30 degrees Celsius.

Apple vinegar is ready when the color opens. It usually lasts 40-60 days, depending on the variety of apples, honey, the amount of water and a few other factors. When the liquid opens to color, we use a funnel and pour into half-litre bottles, which we close well with corks and store in a cool place. We can pour a little wax over the stopper to close better. Apple vinegar is the only flavour that contains acid to be used in dishes, salads, as well as as a remedy in various ailments.

Apple cider vinegar therapy

Apple cider vinegar
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High blood pressure. Some people have high blood pressure caused by a deficiency of hydrochloric acid in the digestive tract. They need to reduce meat consumption in order to effectively treat this disorder. We can reduce blood pressure by taking 1-3 teaspoons of apple vinegar before each meal. For better effects, we can occasionally take apple vinegar with a teaspoon of honey (preferably acacia honey).

Varicose. We wash the skin in the area of dilated vessels with a tampon soaked in apple vinegar, morning and evening. In addition, drink a two-teaspoon apple vinegar solution in a cup of lukewarm boiled water twice a day. Dilated veins begin to tighten after a month of regular therapy.

Limping caused by inflammation of the joints. We take ten teaspoons of apple vinegar before each meal. This therapy should reduce pain by 20% after two days, 50% after five days and completely remove pain after 30 days.

Excessive secretion of tears. Prepare a solution from a teaspoon of apple vinegar and a drop of iodine in a cup of water. We drink every day for two weeks, then drink twice a week (e.g. Tuesday and Thursday) for two months.

Therapy for slimming. We prepare a cup of boiling water in which we add two teaspoons of apple vinegar, which we drink before each meal.

Apple cider vinegar
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Burns. We use a piece of gauze soaked in apple vinegar to wash the affected areas. Apple vinegar eases pain and prevents scarring.

Night sweat. We rub ourselves with apple vinegar on the skin before bed.

The limping caused by a lesion or wound. Mix a yolk with a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of apple vinegar. Apply the mixture to the affected area with light frictions.

Zoster zone. We apply on a piece of gauze soaked in undiluted apple vinegar, on the affected areas, four times during the day and three times at night (if you can’t sleep due to itching). This remedy removes pain in 5-10 minutes and cures shingles in 3-7 days.

Headaches. Pour half a cup of apple vinegar and half a cup of boiled water into a pot. Mix the solution, gently heat to boiling point and close the heat. Light vapour inhalations are made 74 times. The headache will disappear or be significantly reduced.

Attention to wine steel and distilled white steel

Many of us use large quantities of vinegar for seasoning or cooking. Wine and distilled white lard contain health-healthy ingredients such as acetic acid (C2H4O2).

Acetic acid destroys erythrocytes, causes anemia, prevents digestive processes and prevents food absorption. May cause cirrhosis, a chronic disease of the liver,as well as ulcerative inflammation of the large intestine.

Many of us like cucumbers in vinegar or cyperci, or different pickle salads. It is good not to use vinegar from alcohol, because in this way we can avoid problems of the digestive system. Good health!

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