Are synthetic vitamins harmful?

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Synthetic vitamins or herbal vitamins?

Synthetic vitamins, we find them in all pharmacies in various forms. Synthetic vitamins are also found in processed food, juices, cakes with various artificial flavors. It has been shown that, not just vitamin C, all synthetic vitamins are harmful.

Are synthetic vitamins harmful
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The researchers have come to an agreement that consumption of artificial vitamin C does not increase immunity against colds, and improper dosing makes the symptoms of infectious-allergic diseases more severe.

The most dangerous effect of vitamin C overdose is increased blood clotting property, which leads to the formation of blood clots. Another effect may be the formation of stones from oxalic and uric acid, in the kidneys and bladder.

Synthetic vitamin C destroys other vitamins. It is known that patients receiving injectable vitamin B12, are advised by doctors to stop taking vitamin C during this treatment precisely because of this effect.

High doses of vitamin C, prevents the production of insulin by the pancreas in diabetics and causes an increase in the level of sugar in the blood and urine. Recent studies have shown that vitamin C overdose slows the transmission of muscle nerve impulses, causing muscle fatigue and decreasing coordination between the eyes and muscles.

Vitamin C is not stored in our body. Before taking synthetic vitamin C it is good to consult with your doctor. Most of the time in many people’s minds, vitamin C appears as a harmless supplement. However, physicists have found more and more side effects caused by vitamin C overdose.

Are synthetic vitamins harmful
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Most of the time we take vitamin C, in large quantities, sometimes 4-6 g/day, as a remedy against colds and some viral infections, when the recommended amount is 100 mg/day. In other words, take advantage of all the fruits and vegetables that nature offers you. More information can be found in the article: “Vitamin C prevents aging of the body“.

Synthetic vitamins are harmful to the body

First, most vitamins are compounds formed from plants in the process of biosynthesis under the influence of the sun. Plant vitamins are found in forms (provitamins) easily absorbed by the human body. Plants also contain mineral salts and other compounds (some not yet known) that help to fully absorb vitamins. That’s why it’s impossible to overdose on natural vitamins, unlike synthetic ones.

Second, artificial vitamins are non-organic crystalloid substances classified by the human body as foreign substances. They are absorbed by the human body or do not assimilate at all (especially in the case of metabolism disorders). That is why we notice that following the consumption of these synthetic vitamins, urine has their color and smell. There are also many cases of rejection, in the form of nausea, weakness or itching, without us knowing where they come from.

Third, one of the side effects of consuming synthetic vitamins is increased appetite. This is because the body, to absorb vitamins, needs additional amounts of mineral salts, carbohydrates and proteins. Unlike herbal foods, synthetic vitamins do not have these ingredients and the body instinctively seeks more food, leading to obesity.

Consume the vitamins that nature offers

Are synthetic vitamins harmful
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The best way to maintain our health is to eat the fruits and vegetables that grow in our geographical region. Consumed as such or in the form of fresh juices, fruits and vegetables are a thousand times more valuable than substances synthesized in the laboratory.

It is good to add to the daily menu at least one apple and fresh or cooked vegetables. The most valuable are vegetables and fruits with intense green, orange or red color(spinach, cabbage,cucumbers, peas, beans, tomatoes, beets, carrot, pumpkin,pears, apples, etc.). They supply our body with all essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and oxygen.

Plant oil, especially cold-pressed oil, contains acid and life-prolonging vitamins. It is a good idea to take a teaspoon of oil every morning and afternoon and also add a teaspoon of oil to the salads. Lots of outdoor movement, proper breathing, contributes significantly to our health. Let’s choose health from nature!

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