Atypical Step Chef Contest with Antonio Passarelli

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Chef Antonio Passarelli awards the tastiest dish

We invite you to an atypical contest. Binge Antonio Passarelli is part of the jury of specialists who will award the tastiest dish. It is a wonderful project that emphasizes the need to make all spaces accessible for all citizens to be part of the community. The “Atypical Step Chef” contest promotes the right to a more accessible life for atypical people. Everyone with disabilities has the right to a normal life, because we are all here to support each other, to understand each other and to have a harmonious life.

Step-Hear Romania, Rampe Mobile and Bilancia Romania decided to change mentalities and patterns by launching the first cooking contest for visually impaired and locomotor in Romania. Step Chef Atypical, is the place where cooking enthusiasts have the chance to demonstrate their skills as chefs by being rewarded for the tastiest dish. Chef Antonio Passarelli awaits you with great prizes.

An atypical contest

People with disabilities have a life full of emotions, ambitions and desires that we all have. They are special people with extraordinary skills, beautiful souls, with impressive life stories and who need our support and encouragement. Maria Coman, Director of Step-Hear Romania, set out through this contest to show the world that we need union, support and understanding, each other because only in this way we will get far.

There are approximately 800,000 people with disabilities in Romania. They are extremely valuable people and it is worth giving them the chance to integrate into society in many ways. On a personal level, they will feel fulfilled, loved, happy, and from a social and economic point of view, we all benefit by supporting each other.

The Step Chef Atypical competition will take place in May 2022 at Bilancia Romania headquarters in partnership with the Association of the Blind in Romania, the National Council of Disabilities and the Social Innovation and Expertise Group.

Registration is done online on the page:

Step-Hear is a smart solution that ensures orientation in the surrounding space for the visually impaired.

Roll-A-Ramp Mobile Ramps are the solution where power and flexibility come together to make the world more accessible.

Bilancia is a European leader in the field of import and supply of professional equipment and accessories for the HoReCa business.

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