Magda Anistoroae

Hi there! I'm Magda, and I'm promoting a healthy lifestyle for strong women who want to put themselves first in their lives. A healthy and resilient body has a thousand desires, while a sick body has only one desire, to get well.
When you have a good image of yourself and increased self-esteem, the level of your vibration is high, and your attitude changes. Motivation will help you get started, but discipline is the key to success. I will help you create all the necessary conditions to have a discipline and an iron will, with which to move the mountains.
We live in a miraculous world, in which each of us puts passion into everything we do, into all the things we want to accomplish. This is not a mystery, it has been scientifically proven.
Consciousness and energy are in constant motion, vibrating in and around us in an endless celebration of the principle of cause and effect. It is the principle of the quantum world, which pulsates with energy and endless possibilities. moment in our lives and who have not prepared to reach our full potential.
My mission is to help women, but not only, to achieve fantastic results!
I am a Personal Confidence Coach, Reiki teacher, crystal therapist, beautician, and I will help you reach your full potential that you are not yet aware of. For starters, I invite you to read more about reiki, health, self-esteem, and of course, join our Facebook discussion group: Reiki Harmony & Prosperity .
The next step will be a free call in which I will help you to clarify certain aspects of your life, to better set your priorities in life, to reach self-fulfillment.

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