Banana Milkshake

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Delicious milkshake

I propose a delicious banana milkshake, very refreshing, to prepare us for a perfect day! We use bananas in almost any milkshake or smoothie, of our choice for their creamy appearance and unmistakable aroma. Bananas are ideal in almost any circumstance, whether on long trips by plane or car, at work and wherever we are and we want to gain more energy.

Milkshake with bananas
Image from Pixabay

Bananas are the best foods that we can consume after fitness exercises. It is advisable to eat a banana before and after these exercises, our body will feel relaxed. This milkshake is indicated for both children and adults. It is a creamy, cold drink with a special flavor, perfect from all points of view. A pinch of vanilla and cinnamon gives it an incredible taste.

Ingredients: 2 frozen bananas, 2 fresh bananas , 2 pitted dates, 1 cup coconut water, a pinch of cinnamon, a vanilla pod. We shave the seeds of the vanilla pod and put them in a blender, then put the rest of the ingredients and mix them. We get a creamy milkshake that we pour into tall glasses and decorate it with thin slices of banana or anything else for decoration. Great day!

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