Beauty comes from our thoughts

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Beauty comes from within

Beauty is seen and felt. When we meet positive people with a healthy, smiling, harmonious and balanced mind, the first thought is: what beauty there is in this man. Thoughts work in the universe, as well as everywhere through the “law of resonance attraction”. Our thoughts so faithfully reflect their inner states on their faces that an intelligent man can read it with great ease.

Man is the product of his Thoughts, he becomes what he thinks

Mahatma Ghandi

Our eyes are the windows of the soul

Beauty comes from our thoughts
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A man’s beauty is read in his eyes. We know the phrase “eyes represent the windows of the soul”. In the eyes you can best read the inner state of the mind. Eyes are the mirror of the soul. The way we look and are looked at is related to our needs for acceptance, trust and friendship. Good mood, courage, multiplies the power of positive thoughts, influencing the whole body to a state of well-being. The well-being is reflected by the way we look, by the beauty of our thoughts.

With little experience, insight and intelligence we can read the thoughts in the eyes of others. We can also read a man’s dominance (his character) from the signs of his face, as well as by watching his conversation and behavior. Eyes are like a telegraph tool that transmits messages. In the eyes you can read thoughts of betrayal, depression, sadness, hatred, joy, peace, harmony, health, power, vigor and beauty.

Thoughts shape our physical expression

Beauty comes from our thoughts
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While light travels at about 300,000 kilometers per second, thoughts virtually instantly reach the destination. The thought is finer than the ether, the environment of electricity. A monk who exudes spiritual waves of peace, harmony and balance, actually sends thoughts of peace and harmony into the world. They travel faster than light in all directions, penetrating other people’s minds and producing them, through the subtle phenomenon of resonance, similar thoughts of harmony and peace.

The man engaged in worldly activities, whose mind is full of jealousy, revenge and hatred, emits discordant thoughts that in turn penetrate the minds of thousands of people, creating similar, disharmonious states. Here you can read very well the physical expression of these people. In the same way, when a thought, good or bad, crosses a person’s mind, it gives rise to vibrations (in the mental atmosphere), which will travel in all directions, far from the transmitter.

Thoughts can cure diseases. They can transform mindsets. Thoughts can do virtually anything. Even the great wonders were created practically by the incredible power of thought. Thought is a force just like gravity, attraction or rejection. It is good to always pay attention to what we think, purify our minds and nourish it spiritually with sublime, divine thoughts.

Thought influences the whole body

Beauty comes from our thoughts
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The thought exerts its influence on the whole body. Thoughts of concern or fear are the fearsome forces that exist within our being. They poison the very sources of life and destroy harmony, long-term efficiency, vitality and vigour.

Positive thoughts of joy, good mood and courage, heals, relieves irritation and greatly enhances the efficiency of the being by multiplying mental powers. Therefore, it is good that we never lose our good mood. We smile and laugh all the time. This state of well-being exerts its influence on the whole body, we will be healthy and we will have a brilliant beauty.

I discovered that when you love life, life loves you too

Arthur Rubinstein

Thoughts attract similar thoughts, or as popular wisdom says: “Who ever resembles, gathers,” or “tell me who you’re befriending to tell you who you are.” Our thoughts have the power of attraction. Each of us continually attracts thoughts, influences and conditions closest to those of our own ideas.

By carrying with us certain thoughts and retaining them for a longer period of time, we will incessantly attract, consciously or unconsciously, everything that corresponds to our dominant quality of thought. Thoughts are our property and we can use them creatively, fulfilling our desires, by knowing their power, by using them consciously, by focusing and concentrating.

We hold in our hands all the power to choose our thoughts and attract the influences we want. It’s the thought that shapes man. Imagination can do real wonders. Our present is the result of previous thoughts, and the future has its seed in our current thoughts. If you think correctly, you will think and act correctly. Speech and action always follow thought. Beautiful thoughts bring beauty into your life in all plans.

A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world, each meets in life his own reflection

Ken Keyes, Jr.

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