Believe in the magic of winter holidays

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The magic of the holidays starts earlier

The magic of the Winter Holidays began earlier. We’re starting preparations for the winter holidays! Super! A shop in London adorned a tree in September. And to us it feels the same impatience or, at least, so we now propose most stores on and off line. Which is perfectly understandable from a commercial point of view and even useful for organized people in this magical period. yes, and I find myself here.

We have plans to make for the holiday, shopping lists, guest lists, gift lists, priorities to take into account so as not to upset some or others, financial acrobatics to fit into the budget, adjustments, waivers, reconsiderations. And yet the magical atmosphere of the winter holidays envelops us all, making us happier and better.

the magic of winter holidays
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And now the economic period we’re going through isn’t exactly easy, it’s only natural that the first reaction is to let ourselves be overwhelmed by worries, to feel frustrated that we can’t afford the maximum pampering we aspire to.

But if we take into account the true meaning of the winter holidays, we can have the surprise to find that in fact the most precious gifts are those that cost (almost) nothing: goodwill, friendship, gentleness, prayer, gratitude are “free”, everything is to practice them more often, then enter the reflex.

The most important thing we have learned in life is to cultivate our ability to give from what we have and to invent gifts from what we don’t have.

See about that is life. About simple things that go straight to the heart. About a box of candy waiting for you on your desk, about a view, about a nice word, about a well-composed SMS. About our Christmas table at home, filled with meatballs, mice, sarmals, beouf salad, cakes and cake, where people who are dear to us come. The magic of the holidays are the people and the way you know how to tell them that you care about them.

The magic of winter holidays in family or with friends

The winter holiday period is the special moment when we evoke the fond memories of childhood, spent in the company of family or with friends, with all the habits that give it a special charm. Grandmothers taught us to have patience and wisdom. Mothers taught us to trust ourselves.

Now, when it comes to our own families, our purpose seems hard to guess. Because you wonder: how do you leave something to your children, which will be treasured for a lifetime? The answer seems complicated, but it’s pretty simple. Be just close to them. Enjoy every moment and turn every moment we spend together into a beautiful memory for later.

Treat yourself to a holiday gift

the magic of winter holidays
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Winter is our favorite season! Snow, decorated trees, surprise gifts and fabulous evenings. Let’s enjoy it! Ready to play? Children are always first! New collections are already on shelves in stores, so all we have to do is choose the pieces for a new wardrobe of the cold season: play wardrobe, funky blouses and hoodies, jackets printed in pastel shades and cheerful accessories for a stylis look. Toy shops are also full, because we all know: Santa Nicholas brings gifts to children.

Every year, on the night of December 5th to 6th, gifts miraculously appear in the polished boots of good children. The feast of Santa Nicholas often brings children sweets, fruits and sometimes toys. At the same time, the naughty children find in their boots a nuiel. But all children are good, their dear face, fills our hearts with joy!

The best moments are with your family, your loved ones. You can enjoy a good coffee together. When it comes to excellence in making coffee, Nespresso leaves nothing to chance. Nespresso coffee is a sensory journey, in which pure pleasure is deliberately created. No wonder the flavours and taste of Nespresso coffee snare are intangible.

the magic of winter holidays
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You can choose an inspired gift for family or friends from Nespresso. Of the 18 models of Coffee Espressors, one can be yours. The flavor of an assortment of Nespresso coffee can’t be compared to anything. Enjoy all the nuances of taste from the best coffee beans in the world. Intenso, Espresso, Master Origin, Lungo, Decaffeinato, Variations. Taste it! On the roof of your mouth you will feel all the flavors of your chosen coffee assortment, an inspired gift during this magical period.

I don’t think there’s a lady who doesn’t want a beautiful jewel at this magical time of year. So, gentlemen, at The Ladies- Fine Jewellery, you can find the diamond ring your partner has long wanted.

For some of us, foundation is the most important makeup product. As different as we are, he alone doesn’t go below third place in the final standings. Once the texture is chosen, the situation remains to find the perfect shade. At Sephora and Douglas, you will always find a beauty advisor to help you with the right products for each skin type.

Sensuality, femininity, history, audacity, confidence, passion and the list remains open. Ladies, without needing too many presentations: Lipstick! Chanel offers a transfer-resistant lipstick “Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue”, available exclusively in Chanel Espace Beaute. Ladies, be brilliant for the holidays!

the magic of winter holidays
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Sometimes it is good to change the perspective a little, although in the case of care products it is all the flavor that generates the first impulse. It is useful to take a look at the list of ingredients: the cleaner, the better. Obsentum, we propose “Amouage Perfume”, and for gentlemen, “Oriental Leather Perfume, Memo Paris”, perfume water. Also for gentlemen, we can offer gifts inspired by Christian Dior or Chanel.

We’ve all already heard of the truly miraculous effects of Manuka honey. Benefits do not occur only when you enjoy it with a teaspoon, this ingredient with anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial powers is successfully integrated into the formula of skin care creams. Vitality Skin Renewing Kiehl’s Cream, is a product that has been on the market for many years and brought back into the spotlight by Kim Kardashian.

Let’s not forget your colleagues, with “Secret Santa” and close friends. For all of us we can prepare a little surprise. At Carturesti, we can choose a certain type of agenda or the last book appeared, a favorite cup, only good to enjoy coffee at the office. From Kultho you can purchase a pen. This one will never just be a writing tool. It’s enough to hold it once and you’ll realize it’s actually a real gem.

At Mobexpert, the magic of the winter holidays comes with gifts for your home! Here we find simple and elegant accessories, for tables loaded with goodies After the rebellion of the first youth, one day we understand that the place of the winter holidays is at home. Where the noise of the city stirs, where the hustle and bustle of every day disappears, where family and friends come, where you always love your life as it is.

Let’s go in with a smile on our face in this busy but beautiful time, which follows the winter holidays. I started the list, you continue it or adapt it according to your own desires. I prepared the shopping list, but first we go for coffee: “Nespresso, what else?”

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