Black radish the elixir of youth

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Black radish not lacking in the garden of medicinal plants

Black radish the elixir of youth
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Black radish has been appreciated since ancient Greece and Rome. Hippocrates recommend black radish in hydropsy, and Discoride appreciate it for stimulating appetite, favoring digestion and calming cough. The father of history, Herodotus, points out that the slaves who built the pyramids were given, along with garlic and radishes.

Black radish was used in the Middle Ages to remove malignant tumors from the viscera, as an antidote and poisoning. Matthiolus, the renaissance scholar, recommends black radish for diuretic and antilithiasic properties.

Black radish (or winter radish), has recently come to the attention of phytotherapeutic research, due to its beneficial properties. Black radish contains 1% protein, 3% carbon hydrates, 15 mg% sodium, 245 mg% potassium, 25 mg% calcium, 20 mg% phosphorus, 0.6% iron, 1 mg vitamin A, 0.05 mg% vitamin B1, 0.02 mg% vitamin B2, 0.3 mg% niacin and 25 mg% vitamin C. Black radish contains a volatile sulfide oil: rafanol and small amounts of tocoferol.

Black radish – therapeutic recommendations

Black radish is considered primarily antilithiasic, both in biliary and renal lithiasis. Recent studies show the combination of black radish, birch leaves and roib roots ( Rubia tinctorum ), a tinctorial plant, extremely beneficial in renal lithiasis. This “golden triad” is capable of shredding the stones, having litotritic properties.

Black radish is also known for its choleretic and colagogue effect, and is also used for those with liver failure, cholecystitis and other liver conditions. Recently, beneficial results have been shown by the use of radishes juice for “cleaning” and regeneration of mucous membranes in cases of rhinitis or sinusitis.

Black radish is used in folk medicine, for its pectoral properties. It is of real use in bronchitis, cough of different etiologies, problems of the airways, even in asthma. Externally applied (race ), black radish has rubefiant properties, producing local irritation, which causes the ceding of congestive states of internal organs (pneumons, congestive states of the liver ).

Black radish is eaten grated, possibly in combination with apples. A juice can also be prepared, preferably in combination with carrots. This juice is drunk 15 minutes before meals.

We can also prepare a pectoral syrup, made of sliced radishes, which is covered with sugar, for 24 hours. It will result in a juice, which is given 3-4 teaspoons per day. In folk medicine it is recommended to pick a larger radish, fill with sugar or honey and horseradish. Bake, and the resulting juice is also used for pectoral properties 3-4 teaspoons per day.

Black radish the elixir of youth
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Red and white spring radishes, also called “moon radishes”, have similar properties. It is recommended to consume with leaves with everything, which are very rich in vitamins, mineral salts and other chemicals very beneficial to our body.

“The Elixir of Youth”

This cleansing therapy of the body with black radish works as an elixir of youth. Our body will feel younger, more energetic, wrinkles disappear and the skin becomes fresher and healthier. This “elixir of youth”, cleanses the joints, lymphatic system,circulatory system and other internal organs. Middle pains, those in the lower and upper limbs and muscles disappear completely.

Note: this therapy is done every five years. We take 10 kg of black radish, wash them thoroughly, cut them off of all the fibers and stains without cleaning the shell, and then chop them. Put the pieces to the juicer and get about 3 liters of juice. Pour the juice into bottles, close them and keep them in the fridge (very important!) This juice is given one teaspoon three times a day, one hour after each meal.

It is very important not to overdose, the amount of juice! It can have dangerous consequences. To achieve the expected results, continue therapy until the entire amount of juice has finished. During this therapy, bone pain may occur, especially in people with many unhealthy deposits in the bone system. This phenomenon is normal during the cleaning process. Successful therapy can save you a lot of pain in the future.

If you have liver pain (this can happen when the boil is cleaned of stones and salt), put an electric pillow in the liver for 40-60 minutes. If you do not have liver pain increase the amount to 2-3 teaspoons after seven days. It is good to avoid hot and sour dishes. During this therapy it is good to limit the consumption of bread, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products. Therapy will have the desired results if during this period, you adopt a natural diet, based on fruits and vegetables.

The elixir of youth exists and is within everyone’s reach!

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