Cellulite can be defeated!

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What is cellulite?

Cellulite is an aesthetic problem, commonly found at the representatives of the beautiful sex. Most of us turn to dermato-aesthetic medical centers. These centers have modern techniques and technologies, extremely effective in the treatment of cellulite, in maximum safety.

Cellulite can be defeated
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Cellulite is not a condition but a characteristic of a woman’s fat. Cellulite occurs when there is an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone levels in our body. This imbalance occurs, when we gain fast fat, when a pregnancy is installed, the disorder of the menstrual cycle, being a natural phenomenon for a woman. Cellulite is a common condition, it does not fully heal, but it can be controlled.

Causes of cellulite

Cellulite affects about 80% of the female population, even those of us with a perfect silhouette. Although the cause of this problem is not known with certainty, many researchers blame cellulite on poor diets, insufficient water consumption, smoking, hormones and genetics. Venezuelan psychologist Martha Sanchez Navarro believes that stress or childhood trauma, as well as repressed creativity, can be causes of cellulite appearance.

Cellulite can be defeated
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So cellulite pillows mean excess retention due to the imbalance between estrogen, which increases retention and progesterone that stimulates elimination. This explains the presence of cellulite in weak or irregularly cycled girls. Besides estrogens, prolactin and thyroid hormones, cellulite influences. Prolactin produced by hypophysis, stimulates water retention in adipose tissue, and low production of thyroid hormones favors cellulite. Excessive production of estrogens and implicit water retention in the conjunctival tissue, reduces lipolysis that favors the increase of fat mass.

To get rid of the unpleasant effects of cellulite it is good to avoid, very large variations in weight, caused by a hypercaloric diet and to love sport. It is also necessary to pay attention to replacement hormone treatments when we are in menopause.

A few rules for eliminating cellulite

Combating constipation. The effective diet in cellulite aims to exercise a balancing function and detoxification of the whole body. The anti-cellulite diet should be normo or hypocaloric, balanced and varied, rich in fresh fruit, green salads, raw vegetables, cereals, all as little heat-processed as possible. The anti-cellulite diet is based on the consumption of liquids: plain water, natural homemade juices, buttermilk or fish soups, with as many spices and aromatic herbs. It is necessary to reduce animal fats and proteins, roasts, cold cuts, barbecues with small and sausages.

Vegetarian diet is recommended, having an alkalinizing effect. Kiwi is the wonder fruit that helps fight cellulite due to the richness of vitamins (Vitamin C, B9, K and E), minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, folic acid, betacarotene) and antioxidants such as lutein, magnesium, copper, fiber.

Cellulite can be defeated
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The inn is very effective in fighting cellulite. Flax can be used in the form of oil or seeds, added to salads, or in the whole grain mixture in the morning. It is good not to overeat potatoes, carrots and paddy rice, because they seem to have a relatively astringent action.

It is necessary to use salt intelligently in the diet. We do not eliminate it permanently, we reduce it, because we affect the rebalancing of potassium in fruit (very important in the anti-cellulite diet). Instead we use sea salt,or saline rich in iodine, magnesium, zinc, fluoride, bromine and boron in therapeutic baths,so beneficial for maintaining health and beauty.

Movement is very important to all of us. People with cellulite in particular, must take into account that movement greatly helps the body in the fight with this condition, combined with the proper diet. Swimming, aqua gym, cycling, running in the park, are recommended types of movement for fighting cellulite.

Cellulite can be defeated
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Footwear and pants too tight,can generate a high tension in the calves and thighs, which involves stagnation of the fluids in the legs and slowing the blood and lymphreturn. When we have shoes and loose clothing, it feels like we’re feeling better.

To stimulate the elimination of toxins from the body, it is good to turn from time to time to lymphatic drainage. In medical aesthetic cabinets, radiofrequency, bi or tripolar, massage (manual or endermological), mesotherapy, oxygeno ozonotherapy are practiced for the elimination of cellulite.

“Ozone capsule”is found in many beauty salons in our country. Ozone applied thus acts on red blood cells, increasing the speed of circulation in the capillaries. Oxygenation and local metabolism accelerates lipolysis (fragmentation of lipid chains) and reduces water retention.

Molecular oxygen injection is an invasive method, very effective in fighting cellulite. This treatment involves injection of o2 molecular oxygen enriched with O3 ozone directly into the pillows where we have cellulite. Carboxitherapy, consists of injecting co-aciddirectly into the cellulite cushions of CO2 carbon dioxide.

Massages with herbal oils,have depurative, diuretic and sweat action, helping to improve the overall appearance of the skin. The active elements of the plants are taken up through peripheral blood circulation, and are then distributed in the body. The most valuable therapeutic oils that contribute to the fight against cellulite have in composition, rosemary, sage, ivy, dandelion, mouse tail, chamomile.

Cellulite can be defeated
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In conclusion, what do we have to do? Each of us can choose the most convenient method. Whether you choose sophisticated, intense but expensive methods, or you turn to simple everyday things, accompanied by local therapies, such as applying anti-cellulite creams, with drainage of lymphatic circulation by self-massage, it is necessary to act.

So once we realize that this problem does not heal, but is kept under control, we need to choose the most quality care products and synchronize their use with the natural rhythm of the body.

Beauty is what you feel inside and it is what is reflected in your eyes. It’s not something that’s physical.

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