Cleaning of lymph and blood from toxic compounds

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Cleaning of lymph and blood

Cleaning of lymph and blood from toxic compounds
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Cleaning the lymph and blood is especially useful after chemotherapy and not only. Lymphatic cleansing should be followed at the beginning of the flu season and other infectious epidemics.

The lymphatic system is located along the body and acts as a miniature sewer system. The lymphatic system is designed to transport waste from cells, blood, colon and kidneys. This system functions as a filter for microorganisms and bacteria, eliminating dead cells and waste from the body.

The food we eat is digested by the body to extract the nutrients needed for every living cell in our body. Cells in turn process these nutrients and thus some waste is released. Regular detoxification is vital, otherwise our body will smother itself in its own waste, defending lymph node blockages, which will reduce the body’s ability to withstand disease.

The lymphatic system, has a deep action, working continuously to remove dead cells, bacteria, microbes, etc. When overwhelmed by toxins, it becomes congested with mucus. Studies show that 80% of overweight women have a slow-working lymphatic system. The moment we act and care for the lymphatic system will occur weight loss and we regain the well-being of our body.

Cleaning the lymph is beneficial to all

Even if we feel good or less well, a detoxification of the lymphatic system, is necessary periodically, to eliminate all waste accumulated over time. Cleansing the lymphatic system, helps to purify every organ in the body. The causes of a slow or blocked lymphatic system can be: excessive consumption of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, dairy or due to dehydration, pesticides, diseases and viruses.

When the lymphatic system is slow and loaded, the body is unable to fight infections and diseases. Persistent fatigue that does not improve through sleep and rest can be one of the causes. Swelling of the lymph nodes constantly, can be a sign of a serious disease, lymphoma or autoimmune disorder.

Poor blood circulation has also been associated with a loaded lymphatic system. Itching on the body, irritation or skin diseases, excessive sweating, high systolic blood pressure, as well as allergies and sinusitis, are caused by a slow lymphatic system.

Therapy for clearing the lymph

Cleaning of lymph and blood from toxic compounds
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You can quickly and effectively prevent infections in the body without antibiotics. Use 2.2 liters of juice daily. Prepare fresh juice every day. The therapy lasts three days in which you eat nothing but oranges and grapefruit.

The contents of the mixture for one day, only freshly squeezed juices as follows: 900 g orange juice, 900 g grapefruit juice, 200 g lemon juice and 200 g distilled water. Drink a solution containing a spoonful of bitter salt (Epsom salt) in a glass of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning.

Dress thickly and drink half a glass of juice from the fruit mixture every 30 minutes until you finish all the mixture. The procedure helps to remove toxic deposits from all over the body. The solution attracts toxins from the lymph, as an iron magnet attracts.

Toxic waste is collected in the intestine and disposed of. The body is dehydrated during this process and you need to drink this juice mixture to replenish the body with liquids.

When you’re hungry, eat oranges and grapefruit and nothing else. You can sweat a lot during this procedure, this is one of the natural ways in which our body removes impurities. The second and third days are identical to the first. This lymph cleansing therapy is good to follow once a year, in early spring or late autumn.

Blood cleansing

Cleaning of lymph and blood from toxic compounds
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A simple recipe out of reach of anyone using tea. To clean the blood vessels, place a cup of moll seeds ( fennel ), two tablespoons of valerian roots and two cups of natural honey in a two-litre pot. Pour one liter of boiling water over them and leave them for two minutes on a low heat.

Set aside the pot and keep it at room temperature for ten hours. It can be covered with a towel to keep the heat inside. Strain the liquid and refrigerate. Consume one tablespoon three times a day, 30 minutes before meals, until the mixture is finished. This therapy can only be followed once a year.

Be healthy!

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