Detox in 5 days

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Step-by-step detoxification

Detoxification is an important step in the process of purification of the body. This detox process helps us cleanse both the body and the mind. We fix a date, when we feel that we can begin this purification process, we focus on this period, which will help us shorten the period of discomfort. At this point, our mind and body will move to a healthier way of functioning.

This week we consume many fresh fruit and vegetable juices. In the morning at breakfast,we drink fruit juices, throughout the day fruit and vegetable juice, mixed, and in the evening vegetable juices and fruit paste.

Detox in 5 days
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Throughout the day we can consume teas of: horsetail, chamomile, basil, ginger,etc. These days it is good to simplify the diet a little, so that we opt for whole grains, steamed vegetables and lentil soup.

Also during this period it is good to take hot baths or go to sauna or steam bath, to help eliminate toxins through the skin. Daily walks in the park or on the banks of a river or by the sea, balance us psychologically. Let’s breathe fresh air,feel the sun’s rays on our faces and immerse our feet in the sand or grass. Let’s connect directly to the purifying influence of nature.

Now is the right time to start a healthy daily routine. This week in particular and beyond, let us mobilize to meditate, twice a day, to go to bed before 10:30 in the evening and wake up at sunrise. It contributes to the detox process. In the state of meditation, we use positive words: my body is healthy, I remove toxins from my emotional and physical body.

Detox in 5 days
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We sit comfortably, close our eyes and for a few minutes, silence the inner dialogue through meditation. We take a deep breath and begin to imagine life without the negative effects of our harmful habits. Let’s imagine home and work, unaffected by our addiction. We imagine what our body looks like released from the toxic effects of addiction. We imagine thriving relationships with friends and loved ones. We experience on the screen of consciousness the vitality, comfort and competence that we have, released by the negative pattern that affects our lives. We let this whole-body vision penetrate every cell of the body.

A regular program of exercise, prolonged massages with aromatic oils,helps us to detoxify the body. Let’s start a healthy diet where we introduce more healthy things into our lives. This is the healthiest and easiest way to remove toxins.

Detoxification of the body in 5 days

When we don’t have time to get to the SPA beauty centers, we can follow a detox program at home, easily within reach of anyone by following the following steps:

Day 1. For five days, let’s follow a simple diet, rich in steamed vegetables, cereals and lentil soup. Throughout this period, we eliminate fried, fermented foods, dairy products, animal products and refined carbohydrates.

Sesame seeds source of vegetable protein
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Day 2. For three days, we eat sesame seeds and golden raisins to anoint the digestive tract. We prepare this mixture as follows: 1/8 cup white sesame and 1/8 cup of golden raisins. We swallow a tablespoon of this mixture, an hour or two before each meal. If there are problems with digesting seeds, we take half a teaspoon of sesame oil, with three, four raisin beans, three times a day.

Day 3. Throughout the day, we drink tea of slopes or ginger root (half a teaspoon of fresh root, to half a liter of hot water. We can also use a thermos that we can take with us, wherever we go. It is good to try to drink at least one liter of tea a day.

Detox in 5 days
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Day 4. On the evening of the fourth day, we massage with aromatic oils and immerse ourselves in a hot bath.

Day 5. Around ten o’clock in the evening, we take a teaspoon of yogurt with half a purgative extract from senna seeds (tablets).

Day 6. On this day we eat something light, then gradually reintroduce more complex foods.

This beneficial experience of detoxification, for body and spirit, brings us health and happiness, a new experience from which we felt stuck, in which we did not have a clear vision of the body or way of life. Good health!


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