The dill plant with healing effects

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Dill, food and medicine

The dill is an aromatic plant, originating in the northern Mediterranean for more than 1500 years. The apple is mentioned as the “healing plant” from the famous “Papirus Ebers”, the most comprehensive manuscript about medicinal plants in ancient Egypt. The therapeutic value of the plant is given by both leaves and seeds.

Due to the countless therapeutic properties, preparations obtained from dill, from infusions, tinctures or essential oils, can treat conditions such as: hydric retention, amenorrhea, anorexia, urinary tract disorders, combating insomnia, by the sedative effect.

Therapeutic recommendations

The dill plant with healing effects
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The dill contains appreciable amounts of potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur and sodium, vitamins A, B1 and C, volatile oil, containing between 40-60% carvona. Frequent consumption of dill leaves and seeds balances the body’s functions and strengthens the immune system.

Like all seasoning vegetables, dill leaves have tonic-appetizer and stomahic properties. Stimulates diuresis, helps fight bloating, eliminating stomach gases, intestinal colic and many digestive disorders.

Dill juice, administered for 14 days, stimulates kidney activity, combats calculus, kidney infections and cystitis. The dill infusion regulates the breath,due to the calmogenic effect. People with asthmatics and those with respiratory conditions, can make a cure with dill infusion, to ease breathing.

Dill juice works wonders in the rebellious cough. Squeeze into the blender a larger dill bond, and the juice obtained is mixed with 15 tablespoons of plain water that is left to macerate for an hour. The juice is slipped and added to the obtained quantity, as many tablespoons of apple juice or carrots. Take 3 tablespoons every 4 hours.

The dill plant with healing effects
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The dill leaves slow down the aging process. In many European countries, the infusion of this plant is considered as an elixir of beauty. A monthly infusion cure, for ten days, slows down the aging process. A cure with seed powder, 20 days a month has miraculous effects in slimming straps, as it removes excess fat and flattens the abdomen.

The dill powder or tincture, obtained from seeds and administered for 20 days, promotes the growth of the breasts it shapes and accentuates their firmness. Dill seeds are highly carminative, with emenagogic properties, helping to regulate the menstrual cycle. They have sedative properties, very useful in fighting insomnia, as well as antiseptics, by combating rebel hiccups and vomiting, especially in children.

Raw dill is also effective in breastfeeding women, because it stimulates milk secretion. This miraculous plant is also useful for people suffering from hemorrhoids. Strengthens the nervous system and combats depression, being a beneficial remedy for mental resistance in difficult times of life.

How to use it

The dill plant with healing effects
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The dill leaves are added to salads and various dishes, giving an unmistakable taste. Infusion of seeds prepared from one teaspoon to cup. They drink 2-3 cups a day. A sedative decoction can also be prepared, with a teaspoon of cooked seeds in a cup of milk, which is drunk in the evening, before bedtime, to combat insomnia.

Therapeutic dill wine: 25 tablespoons of dried dill, 1 liter of clean wine from known producers and 6 tablespoons polyflorous honey. This therapeutic wine regulates hormonal balance and digestive system problems.

Treat bruises and edema! Cataplasms with dill boil (100 g of leaves per 1 l of water) are recommended to speed up the healing of bruises. Dill seeds also help to strengthen the bone system due to the presence of calcium. A teaspoon of seeds contains more calcium than a glass of milk.

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