Do you have a harmonious life?

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What decisions have you made for your quality of life?

A harmonious life depends on the environment in which we live and work. It plays an important role in the development of personal vitality and self-fulfillment. Throughout life we often meet people in complex situations, for which additional external support is needed. They spend time and money on discussions about key issues, around creating an environment that supports their needs, or that at least does not sabotage them.

Do you have a harmonious life?
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When we reach a certain level of equilibrium, it becomes practical and effective to debate more complex issues and make those key changes that make a blurred or negative situation a dynamic and positive one.

Did you apply Feng Shui methods?

The disarmonic aspects of our home can generate negative states of stress and conditions of energy loss. They can cause or at least contribute to the development of fatigue, lethargy, exhaustion, depression, hyperactivity, nervousness, hypertension, irrational fear, anger, hostility and aggression.

Most often, the way to solve these problems is either by administering toxic drugs, or by expensive therapy sessions to become aware of these experiences, or then by resorting to spiritual guidance for emotional release, or by abandoning one’s unhappy and unfulfilled life.

Rituals and remedies for cleaning the energy of the house at the beginning of the year
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While each of these options, with the exception of the latter, has its own place secured within the general desire to solve the difficulties of life, changing the physical environment at home can directly remove some of the causes of the problems. The changes made in the home therefore meet the benefits you might have after discussions with doctors, priests, or other spiritual guides.

Once removed from the dwelling those elements that contributed to disharmony,it is time to move towards the creation of a home that is in full physical harmony with our needs and desires.

Making clear and fair decisions

Harmonious life is a state of affairs that represents a perfect, pleasant, orderly fit of the elements of a whole, consistent, without discord or discomfort. When it comes to housing, we all want to have a harmonious life, where its physical features help us connect with our own self and make clear decisions that are not affected by stress and fatigue.

If we want to change our quality of life, we need to change the quality of the decisions we make. To have a harmonious life means to eliminate or reduce any element that induces us a state of stress or squeezes us of energy, to make clear physical changes in harmony with our desires and to keep track of the changes that take place in our lives after we have altered the living environment.

Do you have a harmonious life?
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It is good to analyze the range of colors, images, materials, plants, books, which we choose, with which we surround ourselves, as well as how they are arranged and organized. To clarify what is to be done, we will also turn to the old, and to the modern. There are countless scientific studies on the psychological effect that various environmental factors can have, for example: brightness, colors and styles.

Many of us probably have regular household cleaning products in our home. What many don’t know is the psychological effect these toxic chemicals have on quality of life. A harmonious life means, in addition to healthy food and a natural environment as possible. Feng Shui art reveals a series of harmonization techniques that use our living or work environment as physical tools, patterns or patterns through which to shape or feel the quality of life experiences as we wish.

Are you having problems?

Do you have a harmonious life?
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You guys have a harmonious life? What do you mean, how exactly are you feeling right now? Are you feeling good, worried, angry, happy, satisfied, bored, asleep, excited or energized? Look around and try to assess how much what surrounds you contributes to your state. Noise,clutter, pollution or an elegant, quiet environment with a pleasant smell, what do you choose?

All of these things can have to do with your intimate relationships, family, financial problems, work prospects, health, college exams, etc. Have you noticed that the situations we are currently facing are a direct result of the decisions we have made at some point in the past? The quality of life depends on the quality of the decisions we make, in order to be in harmony with what we really want, not with what our surface feelings and emotions dictate. Feng Shui art teaches us how to have a harmonious life!

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