Do you want a new career? Here’s what you need to do

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A new career, a new life

We know that the only thing that is constant in life is change, and this of course also happens professionally. Lately, more and more people want a new career, a new life, because they feel that the work they are doing at the moment no longer brings them the necessary satisfaction. Any change in career can bring us closer to the job we dreamed of. When we do everything with passion we reconnect with ourselves, with our potential and with the joy of living.

We already know a lot of people who left high positions, who graduated from law and IT faculties precisely because they lacked something, passion. Dr. Deepak Chopra says in his books, that: unfortunately for many the service is, rather, a source of stress, than a fulfillment, this is how diseases and early aging appear. The world becomes a better place when we do what we love, putting our personal talents at the service of others and ourselves.

Do you want a new career
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In today’s increasingly insecure labour market, a change in profession is increasingly common. Many are losing their jobs, their incomes are changing and in these times of crisis it is good to consider a retraining. Professional courses at prestigious institutes can provide us with a dream job or why not open our own business. There are countless options on the market in terms of professional orientation courses and it is always good to choose the best option, which will give us the certainty that what we are doing will have recognition.

Disciples Escoffier Culinary Institute in Romania

Escoffier's Disciples French Institute in Romania
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Do you want a career in gastronomy or do you want to open your own restaurant? The best courses with international recognition, issued by the French Ministry of Education, you can also do in Romania. Mr. Stephane Oprea, President of the Disciples Escoffier Culinary Institute for Romania, told us: “We have invested over 300,000 euro to provide students with the most advanced culinary center with state-of-the-art facilities. Disciples Escoffier Culinary Institute Romania, has a Campus consisting of the Gastronomy course room, pastry classroom and restaurant room where sommelier and hospitality courses are held. Graduates of these courses receive internationally recognized diplomas, issued by the Ministry of Education French and Romanian.

Disciples Escoffier has delegations to 26 countries with more than 25,000 disciples: France, Italy, Spain, England,Germany, Switzerland and Asia with the 9 delegations: China,Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan,Thailand and Singapore. Those who want to participate in the courses organized by the French Institute Disciples Escoffier Romania can enter the “Invest in yourself” program, where they can apply for a bank loan on advantageous terms, 0% interest, with the possibility of repayment in 10 years. Moreover, the President of the French Institute Disciples Escoffier for Romania, Stephane Oprea wants to grant scholarships with the help of the sponsors with whom he collaborates. Scholarships in international gastronomy are part of a social project to support people without financial possibilities in order to be able to access training in this field more easily.

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Stephane Oprea & Martin Berasategui

The French Institute Disciples Escoffier has partnered with Chef Martin Berasatequi – Spain, owner of 12 Michelin stars. Graduates of the Grand Ecole Escoffier have the opportunity to carry out an internship of 6 months in Michelin restaurants. After conducting the courses you can receive offers and recommendations to carry on this wonderful job. What are you saying? Sounds good, doesn’t it! I recommend you also read the article: Where will the first Michelin-starred restaurant open in Romania?

Both in France and in other countries, for half a century, the Association of Escoffier International Disciples aims to honor the memory of Auguste Escoffier, Master of French and international cuisines. The goal is to promote the great cooking traditions and techniques created by Auguste Escoffier especially in vocational schools or courses dedicated to professional chefs or apprentices, this being the traditional way of cooking for more than 80% of Michelin-starred chefs around the world. Read here: What is the mandatory requirement for restaurants that want to get the coveted Michelin stars.

Do you want a new career
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The intensive courses cover over 230 recipes and 150 culinary techniques. Each course presented by the Master Instructor will explain the terminology, the history of the relevant food, the reasons behind different cooking techniques and the order specific to various basic procedures in the culinary art.

As is natural, the courses begin with the fundamental elements of hygiene, safety and the ability to handle utensils, continuing with the development of culinary techniques, such as hot and cold cooking methods, preparation of various sauces, pastry. The instructors are well-trained professionals, passionate and eager to share the practical experience, providing all the support and attention to the trainees.

Do you want a new career
Ciprian Nicolescu – Senior Instructor at Disciples Escoffier Culinary Institute

Chef Ciprian Nicolescu told us that: “Our goal is to prepare the trainees so that they are able to work in a professional kitchen, with the appropriate working techniques and habits necessary to be successful in the industry. We help learners to acquire skills and practical knowledge that are in great demand among employers, with a disciplined and rigorous mentality, which in the long run offers the confidence in their own forces in order to be able to improvise through their own creativity, thus contributing to the evolution of gastronomy.

“It’s never too late to start a career in the culinary field, when you really want to gain experience, evolve and work hard to improve your methods and techniques of preparing dishes. Accept the challenge and we will open the way to new international culinary experiences.”

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