Drink of longevity

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Benefits for the drink of longevity

Before I present the recipe for longevity, I will show you its benefits. An ancient wise saying read: “There are three things that are harmful when used excessively and very advantageously if used in moderate quantities: bread, salt and wine”.

Since childhood we have heard a lot about the harmful effect of alcohol consumption and we cannot add anything new to these things. However, it is also good to consider the positive effects of moderate alcohol consumption. Alcohol in small amounts causes the brain to release the “happiness hormone”, relaxing the muscles, decreasing concentration and tension in our nervous system.

Drink of longevity
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We get these benefits if we use alcohol in small amounts, using it as medicine. Hippocrates also believed that alcohol consumed in moderate amounts is just as good for the sick and the healthy. Our problems begin when we forget moderation.

Ancient Greek philosophers usually repeated to their disciples: “The power of the gods can barely match the usefulness of wine,” and an old eastern saying said, “Anyone can drink as long as they know the right time, the place, the quantity, and if they can afford it.” And Louis Pasteur considered that wine has every right to be considered the healthiest of all drinks if used sparingly.

A moderate amount, may have different meanings for different people. Research done after many years of study shows that the following amount of wine is harmless: 1 g of wine or 0.25 g of liquor per kilogram weight per day. Different types of wine influence our health differently, for example: white wine cleanses our kidneys,gently stimulates the nervous system, improving digestion.

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Red wine improves liver function, calms the nervous system, improves the breathing process and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in people with high cholesterol levels. Moderate wine consumption positively influences different body systems:

  • Stimulates the nervous system and endocrine glands, improves digestion, that of animal proteins in particular, by stimulating the secretions of gastric juices.
  • Helps maintain an appropriate pH level of gastric juices. Helps the digestive system, eliminating stress throughout the body.
  • Liver cells stimulated by alcohol generate more bile secretion for the duodenum. Potassium salts present in wine and cognac have a diuretic effect on the kidneys.
  • Stimulation of breathing centers, improves the ventilation of the lungs. Improves the cardiovascular system, causing contraction and widening of the vessels, which leads to a massage effect.
  • Alcohol drains toxic products (such as phenols) from the body. Delicate aroma stimulates the smell centers. Alcohol has antitoxic and disinfectant qualities. Prevents the accumulation of fat on the walls of blood vessels, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disorders.

Research shows that wine has a high content of natural antioxidants that strengthen the heart. It has been taken into account that people who do not consume any alcoholic beverages frequently suffer from heart disorders.

How to prepare longevity drink

Drink of longevity
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British and Swiss researchers concluded that alcohol in moderate amounts reduces the risk of heart attacks by 40% and blood vessel disorders by 20%. It is good to insist that wine consumption is advantageous for the elderly and for people suffering from anaemia or with a general lye.

In the burgundy region, in France there is a saying: “Wine is the milk of the elderly”. It is recommended that those over 50 prepare and consume the “drink of longevity” once a week. They prepare the “drink of longevity”, especially on Sundays, when they meet with friends. This drink is also beneficial to women who are going through menopause.

Ingredients for “longevity drink”:in a bowl, we mix two bottles of sweet or semi-sweet wine with 0.5 liters of water. Boil it for 10 minutes over a low heat, then add a few clovebuds , cinnamon and nutmeg and ten slices of lemon, without shell, which we boil for another five minutes. Finally, add a teaspoon of brandy, stop the fire and cover the saucepan with a lid.

Leave the saucepan covered for 20 minutes. Mix the composition and drink while it’s still warm. This recipe is for ten servings. We divide the quantities by ten if we want to prepare for a single portion. So prepare the “drink of longevity” and invite your friends! Good health!

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