Eggshell therapy

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Do not throw away the eggshell!

The eggshell is not toss! We can use it to treat osteoporosis. Eggshell therapy is simple and does not require many expenses. Eggshell is an ideal source of calcium, which is 90% assimilated by our bones. In addition to calcium carbonate, the eggshell contains all the microelements essential to our body: copper, fluorine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, sulfur, silicone, zinc and others, 27 elements in total.

The composition of an eggshell is very similar to that of bones and teeth. German researchers studied the influence of eggshell therapy on the human body and concluded that in both children and adults it has positive results.

Eggshell therapy
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Eggshell therapy has positive results against nail breakage, hair,bleeding gums, constipation, insomnia, hypersensitivity, chronic cold and asthma, osteoporosis, without causing side effects. Eggshell therapy, makes the bone tissue stronger and removes all radioactive elements from the body.

How is it administered?

Eggshell therapy. Boil an eggshell for five minutes, let it dry and grind it in the coffee grinder. We take 0.5 – 1 g a day. We can mix it with juice squeezed from half or from a lemon or with a teaspoon of honey. We can add it to cereal or cottage cheese to prevent osteoporosis. This therapy we use 30 days twice a year in January and November.

Other remedies

Juice from black radish leaves is an effective remedy for adults and children against abnormal softening of teeth and bone tissue (osteomalacia). Osteomalacia is a defect in the process of bone development, for example the body is not able to assimilate and use vitamin D to absorb calcium, necessary for bone growth and to maintain their strength.

Osteomalacia develops due to lack of vitamin D. In this case the bones soften and are prone to rapid fractures. Exposure to the sun, movement and proper nutrition help us balance the body. For best effects, we use a mixture of juices from 90 g black radish leaves, 90 g dandelion and 280 g carrots for two servings, morning and evening.

Eggshell therapy
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The diet,in the case of people suffering from osteoporosis, must be changed. It is good to avoid foods that extract calcium from bones: coffee, animal fats, etc. It is good to introduce fresh fruit juicesinto the diet, to ensure the amount of natural vitamins, especially vitamin C.

Beneficial foods. It is good to eat every day a crushed eggshell, a soft boiled egg and an apple. Let’s regularly introduce into the daily diet: peas, beans, Italian cauliflower and oats, which are rich in estrogen. Detoxification therapies and alternative, hot, cold, morning and evening showers can be done. We can strengthen our bone structure through exercise and dance. Jumping to the rhythms of your favorite music for 10-15 minutes, does wonders for our body. Good health!

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