Enzymes maintain and repair the body and its functions

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Enzymes ensure a long and healthy life

Our lifestyle is the foundation for a healthy and energetic body. Enzymes are protein catalyzers that occur inside living cells. Wherever there is life, be it in the form of plants or animals, there are enzymes. Basically, enzymes participate in all the actions necessary to maintain life, such as: synthesis and decomposition, transport, excretion, detoxification and energy supply.

Enzymes are the ones that keep us alive. More than 5000 such vital enzymes are produced in our cells. We also produce enzymes using enzymes in the foods we eat every day. There are many types of enzymes and each of them have a specific, unique role.

Our modern society creates factors that consume our precious enzymes. Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food additives,agricultural chemicals, environmental pollution, electromagnetic waves and emotional stress are just some of the factors that deplete this enzyme. In order to maintain good health, it is essential to understand the mechanism of our own body and to impose our desire to defend our health through exercise.

Enzymes in food

How to stay away from cancer
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The best foods are those that are grown on fertile, mineral-rich arable land without the use of agricultural chemicals or artificial fertilisers. These foods are all the better as they are eaten immediately after they have been harvested. The fresher the fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, the more enzymes we will benefit from.

Enzymes are sensitive to heat. Many of us prefer cooked food. We boil, bake, fry, use hobs or barbecues. The more food is cooked, the more enzymes we lose. Many of us are not used to consuming almost anything in a cruel state. Fresh foods are most valuable to the body, not only for the content of enzymes but also for the fact that they are not oxidized.

When we consume mostly oxidized foods, they will produce a lot of free radicals. Oxidized foods contain very few or no enzymes, so the body will have problems in the production of source enzymes. This results in a vicious circle in which non-neutralized free radicals will lead to the development of diseases.

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Micronutrients, include vitamins, minerals and amino acids. They are essential in maintaining health and mental and emotional balance, as well as in preventing disease. These nutrients are necessary for the body and vary from individual to individual, depending on the diet and lifestyle of each.

Although we can consume the same types and amounts of food with the same calories daily, the amount of nutrients absorbed and eliminated varies depending on our physical, mental or emotional state of the day. Therefore, a diet with healthy, natural food in ideal proportions does not automatically guarantee an adequate intake of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Love and miracle enzyme

Let us live in harmony with nature
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As healthy as our body is, when we lead a lonely life, if we always focus on negative things, if we always complain about pity, the enzymes in our body will start to lose power. There are studies that have shown that we can beat cancer through love.

If we strongly believe that we can be healed and live our love from the depths of our hearts, we can be able to get rid of the disease. With the power of will, self-healing is possible. We can open doors to seemingly impossible possibilities. There are many forms of love, but whatever the form, motivation, well-being and happiness are born out of love.

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Health also depends on the love you feel for someone. When we are truly happy, blood analysis shows a very active immune system. And as the source enzymes amplify the body’s immune function, when we are happy, we possess these source enzymes abundantly. The immune system, endocrine system or nervous system function as a whole, influencing each other, leading the body in a positive direction.

What we have to remember is that we have to maintain a discipline in what we eat. We must not forget the fact that we are what we eat! Consumption of raw or easily steamed foods, consumption of cereals and other whole grains, consumption of fruit, fruit juices,must become a lifestyle. And we must not forget that life is movement!

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