Flowers, the symphony of spring fragrances

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Flowers delight our eyes and senses

Vivaldi’s flowers, chords… in what other range could be better described in spring. Flowers with fresh and inviting fragrance bring all nature to life. Only the scent of spring flowers can arouse such feelings.

A declaration of unspoken love, accompanied by flowers, what more can you ask for? For flowers speak beyond words. Experienced floral designers translate us into this beautiful fragrant spring flower story and imbue us with arrangements and care tips.

Flowers, the symphony of spring fragrances
Image from Pixabay

We started with the delicious snowdrops, which we put in small vases and continue with the sumptuous brightly colored tulips, which also revive the last cool days, or the hyacinths with their unmistakable fragrance and sun daffodils, the spring flowers beautify our life and home with their fragrance and vigour.

With minimal financial effort we can fill our house with flowers, and if we buy them with bulbs, their lifespan will be significantly longer. Transparent vessels are best suited to enhance the delicate beauty of spring flowers.

When receiving flowers in the form of a bouquet, we must bear in mind that in order to prolong their freshness, the rods must be cut obliquely before they are put in water. Wooden rods, such as lilac or forsythia, must be notched at the base on a portion of about three centimeters in order to draw more water.

Their water changes daily, and every two days they cut a little bit of the pigtails. Spring flowers need a water with a lower temperature, thus they will remain vigorous and beautiful for longer. A dusting of kitchen salt or a few drops of vinegar will keep the water clean for a long time.

Flowers, the symphony of spring fragrances
Image from Pixabay

If we prefer flowers in the form of an arrangement, it is good to opt for flowers in one color, put in as spectacular pots as possible, assorted with the décor of the house. In the garden, the first flowers to bloom are snowdrops and bracelets, closely followed by forsythia and daffodils.

We must not fear for them, cold nights do them no harm! Great attention to the latter, poison the plants put in the same pot with them. Their life will be extended if placed for 5 seconds, immediately after cutting, in a bowl of hot water (50 degrees Celsius).

The most aromatic spring flowers are hyacinths and friezes, whose fragrances and colors instantly cheer up the most sombre and lightless dwellings. A species of spring flowers less used to us, but extremely beautiful and decorative, is the ranunculus, which resembles the rose, but blooms early, even in the garden.

The meaning of flowers. The snowdrop signifies hope and consolation, the yellow daffodil-new beginnings, the white-self-love, the first-childhood, the red-declaration of love, the hopeless yellow-love tulips, the white-beauty hyacinth, the pink-perseverance hyacinth, the purple hyacinth please forgive me, the long-lasting frezie-friendship, the forsythia-impatience.

The scent of Flowers to enter your house with great abundance and spore in all!

Happy birthday!

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