Forecasts for the Year of the Water Rabbit

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Year of the Water Rabbit

Year of the Water Rabbit – Chinese New Year is celebrated on January 22nd, 2023. The solar year of the water rabbit begins on February 4, 2023 and ends on February 3rd, 2024. The lack of Metal and Earth in the 2023 Paht Chee chart shows an unbalanced year, suggesting instability and continuous clutter. It is intended to be a dull one, but quiet, welcome and necessary after the fierce year of the Water Tiger. The time has come to seek tranquility, to gather and take stock of the tumultuous and warlike year of the Tiger. This year good taste and refinement will spring up everywhere and people will learn again that kindness and faith are better than the force to achieve harmony in all the planes of life.

People will return to spirituality, to harmony, more attention will be paid to diplomatic relations, to international relations, some concessions will be made, but with great care because it is good not to be too lenient, there is a risk of losses. It is a year in which we must get out of our comfort zone each of us, implement our plans, make major changes to get the most out of this year’s auspices.

The rabbit is very skilled in managing confrontations, being an innate master of diplomacy and having excellent communication skills, but also cunning. If we use the qualities of the Rabbit wisely and if we combine them with perseverance and steadfastness, we will succeed in the year 2023 to easily reach leadership roles and solve conflict situations from the past.

In the year of the water rabbit it seems that no one will seem inclined to bother with unpleasant realities, we will all enjoy life. The year seems to be a quiet one, we will tend to postpone heavy loads as much as possible. This year the money can be obtained more easily, without much work. Life, however, remains apathetic as we afford the luxury we have always dreamed of.

It seems to be a year with an undisturbed peace of nothing, carefree, in which everyone will be happy. The year 2023 will be favorable for starting a family and for the birth of children. The best advice would be to get out of the comfort zone, act, put our plans into practice, because the years to come will be more difficult and when we create the base, everything becomes easier. But let’s still see what the year of the water rabbit will be like for each sign!

Forecasts for each zodiac sign in 2023

Rat - Year of the Water Rabbit 2023
Image from Pixabay

The Rat: a calm and quiet year is foreseen, but pay attention to expenses, it is good to be more balanced because there is a risk of losses. There will be some misunderstandings in your family life at work or at home and you will be able to make changes in your career or new business contracts. It is possible that a new member will appear in the family, which will change the vibration of the whole year for the whole family. However the rat is doing very well this year.

The Ox - The Year of the Water Rabbit 2023
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The Ox: a wonderful year for the ox, although it still has many unfinished things to solve and other problems to solve. He may lose some of his investments or not be able to collect the debts he is entitled to. His health will be good, but it will affect the death of someone very close to him. He will constantly progress and enjoy with his family all the achievements.

Tiger - Year of the Water Rabbit 2023
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The Tiger: the happiest year for the tiger. Good news appears from everywhere, and business and love will flourish again. There will still be some obstacles in his path, but he will overcome them all with a little effort. All in all, the mighty tiger will be very pleased with his achievements this year.

Rabbit - Year of the Water Rabbit 2023
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The Rabbit: A very good year for those who want a career, will be successful, promotions and financial successes are foreseen. They will have unexpected benefits or will be able to recover funds lost sometime. He will fulfill his plans very easily. It is a fertile year for the rabbit, so he must take advantage, bring a new member to his family. News or celebrations are looming on this occasion. The appearance of a child in the life of the rabbit changes the vibration of the whole family for the better.

Dragon - Year of the Water Rabbit 2023
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The Dragon: a calm year with continuous progress, because luck enters his street again. Family life is wonderful. The state of health is generally good, with small problems but which pass quickly. A fairly calm year with no financial problems.

The Snake - The Year of the Water Rabbit 2023
Image from Pixabay

The Snake: the year of the water rabbit is especially happy for the snake although certain obligations will make it very busy. A year in which he will not be able to stay too long with those he loves, because he has to solve his promises made to others. The money comes and is spent very easily.

Horse - Year of the Water Rabbit 2023
Image from Pixabay

The Horse: the lucky horse will be able to make investments this year. His life will be quiet but very engaging. He can expect happy news or an increase in the number of his family members. It is a year in which they can venture into anything and the problems will be unimportant.

The Sheep - Year of the Water Rabbit 2023
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The Sheep: has a good year in which he can earn large sums of money and will do the work with passion. It is good not to neglect their family life, in order to avoid misunderstandings that can have unpleasant repercussions. Great care for small injuries. In the end it will overcome all the obstacles, the progress being obvious.

Monkey - Year of the Water Rabbit 2023
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The Monkey: is having a very good year and even in perspective a wonderful, bright future, will receive unexpected help from people or circumstances. A quiet year at home, work or business are on the normal course with steady gains. This year he can make important changes in his environment.

Rooster - Year of the Water Rabbit 2023
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The Rooster: it will be a good year only if he remains conservative in conception. Investments are shaky, not to speculate because they could suffer financial losses. It is prone to bad business calculations and its profits can be lost through unexpected expenses. It is recommended that this year they join forces with others and not act independently.

The Dog - The Year of the Water Rabbit 2023
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The Dog: a favorable year for his aspirations. He can start his own business or be the partner of others. It can move forward by changing its position and reorganize things for the benefit of others. Problems are solved with a minimum of complications.

The Wild Boar - The Year of the Water Rabbit 2023
Image from Pixabay

Wild boar: a good year, but the results will not be as great as expected. There will be a few obstacles that will pass them easily. They will have financial gains and will be able to strengthen their position to some extent. Life at home is calm and happy, with many joys and social activities.

The zodiac signs that have great chances to live harmonious relationships in the year of the water rabbit are the Dog, the Goat and the Wild Boar, as they make harmonious combinations with the hare’s zodiac sign. The most difficult relationships will be lived by Roosters, Horses, Dragons and Rats. The natives of these zodiac signs will have to manage their emotions well in the year 2023, maintain a positive attitude, respect the partner’s space and freely communicate their feelings. A healthy and prosperous New Year!

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