Forecasts for the Year of the Water Tiger

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What awaits us in the Year of the Water Tiger?

The year of the water tiger is very close and it is good to start making some feng shuichanges in our lives . It is good to keep in mind some subtle and very effective things to be able to navigate more smoothly in the exuberant water of the tiger. Since all four pillars of this year’s Paht Chee chart are Yang, that means we can expect a year full of energy. 2022, is a year in which things will happen quickly, so it is good to take the time to analyze the opportunities and organize ourselves early.

Each of us is good to follow the advice of the zodiac sign of the animal by which he is represented in order to attract prosperity and harmony. Try to take into account the power of your allies and secret friend as well, if the lucky forecast of your particular sign has no power this year. You can always borrow from their luck!

Start preparations for the New Year

8 oranges for Chinese New Year
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During the holiday period, many people decorate their homes with lights and festive ornaments. Before we start with the decorations it is good to make sure that everything shines with cleanliness. Wipe the floors, tables and furniture, you will be surprised how much dust can accumulate in a short time. Do not forget about the bathroom and toilets, as this is an obvious place for stagnant and polluted energy and you do not want the rest of your house to be used. absorb none of these negative vibrations. The house will shine and the decorations will create magic!

The Year of the Water Tiger is totally explosive

The year of the Tiger, as a rule, begins with a strong blow and ends with a muffled tone. A year predestined and marked by wars, serious misunderstandings and disasters of all kinds. Equally, it will be a great year, full of bold deeds. Nothing will be achieved on a small scale, everything, good or bad must be at extremes.

Forecasts for the Year of the Water Tiger
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Who wants to try their luck, can play at a high level, is a risk that some take. But beware you can lose fortunes or win spectacularly. Some people will act under the spur of the moment. There will be a lot of anger accumulating with dramatic situations being a difficult year for diplomacy. Like the Tiger, we will be tempted to venture without thinking and ending up regretting our haste.

Friendships, occasional ties and businesses that need mutual trust and cooperation are fragile this year and can easily break. Yet the mighty and vigorous Tiger can be used to give impetus and vitality to lost causes, debilitated actions, or bankrupt industries. It is the year of massive changes, of the introduction of new and bold ideas, especially those very controversial.

The heat of the Tiger’s fire will touch everyone and enter everyone’s life. Despite these effects and negative aspects, we must accept that it is a purge factor. Imagine the process of extracting precious metals from ore and the strong heat used in this process, so this year can bring out the best in us. Although it is an unpredictable year remember one thing: do not lose your sense of humor and let things evolve by themselves!

How will the year 2022 be for each sign

The Rat. 2022 is a moderate year for the rat and quite uncertain for business. He may be involved in a few misunderstandings or will be forced to do something that is against his beliefs. She may feel lonely or depressed due to the death of a family member or close friend. These natives are able to travel more than usual.

The Ox. It can be a difficult year for the ox native who will face opposition from many directions, and from these fights he will either win or persevere in his suffering. It is good to be patient and not be disappointed if the results are not immediately visible. It is time for the Ox to reconsider and confirm his position. It must not risk unnecessarily, nor should it take radical measures in the year of the Tiger.

Tiger - Year of the Metal Boul 2021
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The Tiger. It’s a moderate to good year. He will be lucky in the sense that others will jump to his aid when he needs him more. This year the Tiger native should not risk, because things can turn against him. He will not suffer any disease or whim, but he will be forced either to spend a lot of money or not be able to keep it.

The Rabbit. This year the rabbit native must be careful and diplomatic because he has a tendency to get into conflicts. There may be quarrels and disputes with legal consequences as a result of the pressures made on him, to be more careful with the money and the documents he signs. This way things will not be totally against him and he can expect some gains towards the end of the year.

Forecasts for the Year of the Water Tiger
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The Dragon. It’s a year full of demands and worries. Their plans are blocked by others and hardly reach the desired results, possibly after many quarrels. He will have to choose between sharing the bitter views of the opposing side and the immense effort to please his partners. Family life is disturbed by bad news or the departure of a member of it.

The Snake. For the native snake it is the year of small and numerous troubles. He can easily come into conflict but not with his will and will make great efforts to please those close to home or at work. He must keep his sense of humor and not let himself be dragged into acts of pointless revenge. They will help him get the support he needs and avoid serious riots.

Horse - Year of the Metal Ox 2021
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The Horse. A lot of joys and expenses, in other words a happy year for the horse. There are no problems with health and in terms of the profession to expect a promotion or deepening of his studies through specializations. Because he gets lost easily, he will have some disputes that will also result in ruptures of friendships.

The Sheep. A mixed year but also with many opportunities. He can maintain his position if he strives hard to deal with adversity. Family life is calm but to expect trouble from close relatives. He will work very hard this year and will have the opportunity to have new and valuable contacts.

Monkey - Year of the Metal Ox 2021
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The Monkey. An unstable year in which she will find he vulnerable to enemy attacks and can be forced to flee, travel, work for others, or borrow money from others for major interests. People tend to undermine his position and so quite weak, that’s why he has to be patient and hide. It’s a year in which they have to reassess their resources and master themselves in investing in any action or adventure.

The Rooster. A lucky year for money, full of events and businesses that can bring him fruitful results. Some worries at home, but everything is going according to plan. You also have to be very careful because things tend to change too quickly for a correct approach. It must not overflow with optimism.

The Dog - Year of the Metal Boul 2021
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The Dog. It’s a pretty happy year for the native dog. There will be no serious disputes at home or in the office. A few misunderstandings on the affective plane, but there will be no danger in love. This year’s results will be a bit mixed and the dog will get tangled up in confusing and contradictory accounts. Friends and family will be in a lot of demand of it this year.

The Boar. A year full of trials, he will be surrounded by difficulties that he has to face on his own. It’s not a good time to borrow money from others or get your debts back. It can have many unexpected expenses, even in the form of fines, legal fees or additional taxes. He must be very careful with the trust given to his associates and personally deal with important business.

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