Forgive and let go of negative energies that block your prosperity

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Negative energies block your prosperity

Negative thoughts create negative energies that block a person’s mind, generating negative emotions and actions. These emotions, such as fear, anger, jealousy, and even hatred, cause people to behave negatively and negatively influence others. When someone emits negative energy around you, you feel exhausted, drained of energy. Most people are exposed to negative energy without even being aware of it.

The world is what we think it is.

Serge Kahili King, PhD in psychology

Psychology tends to come to the same conclusions, since it states that people do not react to the events themselves, but to their own perception of events. Moreover, studies show that people tend to conform to other people’s perceptions.

“Forgiveness means to rise above those who have insulted you.”

Napoleon Bonaparte

If we repeatedly tell a child that he is bad, he will end up behaving as such. The same happens in the case of an employee, if he is repeatedly praised for his performance, even if they are not great, he will end up working better and better.

Forgive and let go of negative energies that block your prosperity
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Lack of forgiveness creates toxins that accumulate in our bodies. Our negative thoughts block neural pathways and create disease and disharmony in cells. The negative emotion of anger releases chemicals that damage the heart muscle.

Unwarranted fear affects our immune system, blocking healing energy. Every negative thought you have about yourself or others creates a string, a thread, that wraps around you, blocking your access to light, keeping you in the dark.

Forgiveness is a voluntary, free act by which we no longer consider guilty those who have wronged us and we no longer feel guilty towards those to whom we have wronged. It is a process that brings us true freedom, “forgiving another, forgiving ourselves.”

Forgive and let go of negative energies that block your prosperity
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It takes time and patience to forgive. Forgiveness is a treatment because it frees us from negative feelings or emotions that fuel our pain.

When we forgive, something truly extraordinary happens, attitudes, behaviors can change, we heal, we have harmony, conflicts disappear, we gain confidence in ourselves and finally healing occurs.

The more we practice forgiveness of others, but especially self-forgiveness, the more we allow ourselves to break free from the tight strings of this 3D reality, we free ourselves from negative emotions that block our health, happiness, harmony, prosperity and alignment with our life purpose.

Forgive and let go of negative energies that block your prosperity
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The inability to forgive is one of the worst tortures we inflict on ourselves. Bitterness and resentment keep us clinging to the past, poisoning our bodies. It is time to take action and get out of this energy by using affirmations daily: “I now manifest my intention to forgive!” Take a few deep breaths and repeat the exercise several times a day for 21 days or more.

Heal your heart

Many of us have been hurt by others. Your partner left you for someone else, your mother was too busy and didn’t take care of you, your father was too rigid and told you many times that you were no good. Some people have faced rape or other violence, events that have filled them with bitterness, grudges, or even revenge. Many times we do not accept the idea that something like this has happened to us and we constantly ask ourselves the same question: “why?”.

Forgive and let go of negative energies that block your prosperity
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Forgiveness is the solution to healing the heart, finding inner peace, and healing all emotional wounds. By forgiving we regain our life force. Unforgiveness primarily affects the liver, then the heart and thymus. Forgiveness liberates us physically and energetically, and that’s how we come to healing. Forgiveness is not limited to the other, but only to ourselves:

  • Forgive all, both past and present,
  • To feel worthy of being loved, joyful and healthy,
  • To get rid of shame, guilt, resentment and criticism,
  • Get rid of the need for control, abuse, use of power,
  • Get rid of the need for approval, appreciation, recognition,
  • Feeling capable of facing obstacles and problems,
  • Love God’s entire creation and appreciate the lessons that come to us in times of crisis,
  • Be grateful for all the blessings in your life.

The forgiveness session changes thoughts

Forgive and let go of negative energies that block your prosperity
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Write down in your agenda who you need to forgive. You can forgive three people a day until you finish your entire list. After each forgiveness session, imagine the person and see how you feel, if you still have emotions or resentment towards them it means you still have work to do.

Repeat the process for seven consecutive days until you feel neutral or at peace thinking about the person or situation.

Forgiveness is complete only when you manage to wish that person what you want, namely: peace of mind, harmony, happiness, prosperity.

Keep writing down in your address book the situations and people you still have accounts to end with. Resolve the situation by taking the necessary measures. Check the list weekly and clear negative energies.

Claims. Daily meditation exercise

Forgive and let go of negative energies that block your prosperity
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  • I choose to live by choice, not randomly.
  • I choose to seek changes, not excuses.
  • I choose to be motivated, not manipulated,
  • I choose to be useful, not used,
  • I choose to respect myself, not pity myself,
  • I choose to excel, not compete,
  • I choose to listen to my inner voice, not the opinions of crowds,
  • The choice is mine, and I choose to submit to the will of the Divine Mind, for in submission I am victorious.

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