Get rid of insomnia with the magic ingredient

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The remedy from nature for insomnia

Surely we all have people besides us, who complain of insomnia. Those who sleep less than seven hours a night show a higher degree of drowsiness, have lower attention and concentration, being prone to stress. People suffering from insomnia are always tired, have negative thoughts and emotions, which leads to impaired memory, not being able to cope with everyday situations.

Get rid of insomnia with the magic ingredient
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Here are some very interesting articles in which you find the answer to many of the causes that lead to insomnia and the techniques by which to prevent or treat this unpleasant state that leads to the body getting sick:

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Very many of us know that a glass of warm milk before bedtime helps us fall asleep more easily, but it is not a guaranteed remedy. The combination of fat and lactose in milk stresses the pancreas, triggering insulin resistance, which gives rise to unhealthy drowsiness.

Causes that lead to the development of insomnia

Get rid of insomnia with the magic ingredient
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Insomnia can have multiple causes including: stress, major changes in life, change of job, financial problems, moving to another home, to a new city, circadian rhythm disturbance, time zone travel different from one’s own, night activities, talking on the phone before bedtime, various health problems, spine problems, headaches, fears, worries, negative thoughts. I recommend reading: What happens if we neglect the spine?/ Life is movement/ What is the connection between the spine and obesity.

The magic ingredient for insomnia

Detoxifying juice with mango
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Mangoes can change our lives from the perspective of emotional health. We can achieve distinct results by eating two mangoes a day. If you want to have spiritual dreams, eat a mango before bedtime. It is possible that in the morning you will wake up with a profound revelation. Mango fruits act as a sleeping pill, and if we combine it with celery stalk or a salad, it gives us maximum energy.

When we do physical exercise for a longer time, it is good to eat mangoes before making effort. When we meditate to solve a problem, it is good to consume a mango beforehand, thus we connect faster with the inspiration we are looking for.

The recipe that will delight your taste buds

Milkshake with bananas
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Ingredients:4 cups sliced mango, 1/2 cup coconut milk, mint leaves for decoration, 1 frozen banana, a bag of cardamom. We mix all the ingredients in the blender until they become creamy. We get a velvety and fragrant combination. Cardamom has a special taste and aroma. In case you are not used to its complex taste use it sparingly.

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