Harmony of the house by eliminating energy bottlenecks

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Harmony of the house

In order to have a harmonious life in your home, it is necessary to remove certain obstacles, which produce ergonomic and energetic blockages. These obstacles come in various forms, from mess, to unfinished things, old things you no longer use, etc. The multitude of blockages and obstacles to freedom of movement leads to stress and a lack of harmony in the home.

To make a cake we have to remove from the work surface of the kitchen the things that confuse us, to plant other varieties of flowers in the garden we have to clean that surface of weeds and other debris. The same happens when we want to start a new project, we free our minds from other problems.

Harmony of the house by eliminating energy bottlenecks
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The material environment influences thoughts

People who look or feel happier usually have more success in life. You have probably noticed that if you feel cheerful enough, but you are forced to stay for a certain time in a dark, crowded or dirty place, you gradually start to feel depressed, and your thoughts become negative.

Also, if you are anxious or depressed when you decorate, decorate or even choose a home, you are likely to choose a design that reflects your mood or anxiety at that time.

The problem is that every day from then on your home will accentuate the feelings you tried when you chose it, decorated or arranged. This will make it very difficult for you to change your usual patterns of thinking and move on to positive ones.

People who look good and are happy, have more success in life. If you surround yourself with negative patterns there is a risk that you will eventually feel completely discouraged and even rejected.

If you start harmonizing your home, follow a few simple principles and your thinking and beliefs will become positive. Soon you can expect a harmonious life in which the Universe will accept your new conviction, only to leave it!

The power of will

Taking a first step is quite easy physically, in most cases, but from an emotional point of view, it can be extremely difficult.

We must face the fear of giving up the old habits we have gathered around us and the way we have kept them in our home. What costs you, however, is the power of will.

By organizing the space, you will be positively amazed and feel more relieved, more energized and you will overflow with new ideas and solutions to problems that have tormented you for years. Moreover, releasing bottlenecks and setbacks costs you very little or no and you can even earn money.

The best time to see the reaction you have in front of your home image is when you exit or enter it.

Organization of space

Harmony of the house by eliminating energy bottlenecks
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Remove junk mess. Old newspapers and magazines, empty bottles and bags, expired food, mineless pens, unused boxes and other obsolete and useless items.

The old ones are found in the main part of the house, on the floor or in plain sight or in the back of cabinets that haven’t been opened in years. The old ones are also found in the attic and in the workshop, garden or garage. There’s no excuse! Get rid of them! Now!

The old things you used once and now no longer use include: old-fashioned, worn, loose clothes that can no longer be changed, trousers, dresses, shirts, lingerie, socks, shoes, ties, hats, all stuffed in cabinets and drawers for years. Even though some of them bring back memories of your youth, all of this happened a long time ago, and today it is today. Come on, dare and throw them away.

Books are often in plain sight, so keep an eye on them every day. If you have liked books for a few years, your shelves can be so loaded that they bend under your own weight. So take a good look at all these books. Some of them may contain useful information, some may be particularly interesting, but many of them you will never browse again.

It’s a good thing to take out of the library and discard insignificant novels, meaningless books, outdated travel guides, Christmas diaries, and joke books that you can no longer find funny.

Home or kitchen repair tools and utensils (pots, pans, etc.) seem to be propagated in all cabinets and drawers. The dismembered ones, the lids that don’t fit any pot, they were all previous projects. We also need to remove cutlery and crockery, etc.

Harmony of the house by eliminating energy bottlenecks
Image from Pixabay

Nothings can be found in the attic, in the cellar, in the garage, in the alley, next to the house, they are so useless that they turn the house into a new art form.

The truly useless items that you bought or were given to you and had no practical purpose. These can be souvenirs bought from a momentary impulse or gifts from distant relatives (old frills, scrap trade objects) that block your space, creativity and ability to harmonise your home. Sell them or give them away.

Things that are defective or can no longer be repaired. In everyday life, it’s tempting to delay repairing or giving up some defective objects. But it’s like postponing or avoiding harmony in your home, which will have a negative effect on the subconscious. Completely remove chipped, cracked, scratched crockery completely! Remove the message: “I don’t deserve harmony in my daily life.” Other examples of this are: clocks with discharged batteries, cracked springs, burnt bulbs, broken socks, pots with loose handles, locked yale, creaking or unglued doors and gates, etc.

One last problem with faulty things is pragmatism. Don’t spend money on repairing things you plan to replace anyway in a fairly short time.

Unfinished stuff. Projects that you have started and never finished are in this category. They distract us from the really important things and activities and thus become a significant obstacle to creative harmony. Here are some examples: a half-built garden wall (no progress has been made in six months), a makeshift speaker (no progress in ten years), a half-decorated bedroom (it’s been like this for three months), bills and receipts from a small store left in disarray, dishes left in the sink unwashed for three days and a half-crocheted sweater and waiting to be finished for more than a year.

Usually unfinished things come up around us because we’re on too many projects at once. The fact that we don’t know how to use time better leads to anxiety, then exhaustion, which in turn leads to other things that remain unfinished.

If you feel overwhelmed by such unfinished things, add another list to your harmonization plan: repairs and replacements.

Make a list of unfinished projects, make an estimate of the time and money needed to complete them. Analyse priorities and put together a clear and realistic plan for their resolution.

It is good to know that non-achievements in the physical and material plane are often mirrored by non-achievements in the mental plane.

The harmony in your home brings you happiness in every way.

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