Have you tried InfrafitX?

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InfrafitX acts on metabolism

InfrafitX is an advanced, patented and patented technology worldwide as a result of more than 25 years of scientific and medical research on human metabolism. This research has tracked down why the body accumulates more fat than it consumes.

Our skin loves plants
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InfrafitX acts on basic metabolism, which it accelerates, re-educating and reprogramming the body to have a much higher efficiency in the use of fats as a primary source of energy. The accumulation trend is reversed. In addition, it accelerates antiaging and detox processes for constant heart rate, improved breathing and blood flow, all due to an ergonomically studied and electronically tuned posture in height-tilt-distance and the action of near-informed and biosynchronized infrared rays. They deeply heat the subcutaneous adipose tissue, cleaning it by reducing water retention.

InfrafitX also changes our mood greatly reducing stress because it improves the endocrine system and levels of endorphins, serotonin and melatonin (happiness substances).

Antiaging treatment

Be in shape in the morning with 3 natural juices
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Summer is on the end with its extended parties in the moonlight,holidays, hiking. A visit to a spa or beauty salon prepares us for the new season. Have you tried intrafitX? A detoxcure, sessions to boost basal metabolism and a facial to refresh the skin, charge our batteries for the new season.

How about a refresh that includes a holistic therapy for a deep detoxification of the body. IntrafitX, it helps us! It is a program that includes: detox nutrition,a general detoxification, acupuncture with liver detoxification, kidneys and lymph,body wraps, detox massage, Reiki energy therapy, breathing exercises.

Through optimal nutrition and adequate hydration, we achieve numerous benefits: strengthening the immune system, improving dermatological problems, improving skin hydration, controlling body weight, increasing energy levels and achieving well-being.

7 Healing Cocktails
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An adequate diet includes some basic rules: a predominant consumption of vegetables, fruits, seeds, raw nuts, whole grains such as amaranth, millet, buckwheat, qinoa, whole rice, wheat germs, natural juices.

The proposed diet consists of 6 daily meals consisting of 4 juices a raw soup and a salad. They are done with great care in compliance with all the rules in force by Iconic Food Wine & Design by Camelia Şucu.

Opulence Treatment with Oxygen

Have you tried InfrafitX?
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Stars like Madonna, they enjoy opulence’s oxygen treatment. Mihaela Rădulescu Swartzenberg, Amalia Nastase, Ilinca Goia, Ileana Badiu, Luana Ibacka, recommends InfrafitX. Intraceuticals, is a calming, relaxing treatment suitable for skin affected by pigmentation spots. It is especially recommended for mature skin.

Unique Opulence serum contains mild hyaluronic acid, a strong combination of vitamins and antioxidants and a mixture of botanical illuminators. Hyaluronic acid helps to immediately moisturize the skin resulting in increased firmness, reduced wrinkles and fine lines and improved facial contours.

Botanical illuminators help to balance the skin tone and vitamin C protects the skin and keeps our youth. One session a week, which can be repeated, especially since it is not an invasive treatment, brings immediate results.

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