How can you have a happy life?

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Toxic emotions

Most people spend their time at a job that doesn’t bring them satisfaction. The work they do should allow them the opportunity to express their creativity in a good interaction with their colleagues, in order to ensure the material security they want. Unfortunately, many complain, because the job in question is a source of stress and they end up feeling unfulfilled and worse they can get sick. Without realizing it, the toxic emotions accumulated over time are a consequence of accelerated aging and various diseases.

Happiness is about attitude
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We all want to have a happy life, to do what we love, to put our personal talents at the service of others and ours. Life is wonderful and we have the right to do valuable work that fulfills us. A very good test to see if we like what we do, is to observe how often we look at the clock. When we feel that time is passing very slowly and we are looking forward to the end of our work schedule, it is probably not the job that fully expresses our purpose in life.

On the other hand when we feel that time is flying, when we are at the office, it can help us to rejuvenate, because we do everything with pleasure. It is good to listen to the signals of our body and mind to know how to spend our day, in harmony, fulfillment and joy, surrounded by positive people.

How to eliminate toxic emotions

Emotional blockages prevent healing
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Surely many of us are aware of the harmful effects of the toxic substances and foods that we introduce into the body daily, from food and polluted air. These toxic substances, along with the resentment that we carry within us, are most often accelerators of diseases. Our vitality suffers by lowering the immune system and that is why it is good to know how to eliminate all these inconveniences, so that we can have a happy life.

The first step towards a healthy life is to eliminate the foods that have been sitting for months in boxes, on the shelf and introduce the fresh, well-prepared ones, rich in Prana, or the energy of life. Fresh plants and spices can improve our meals. It is good to make a habit of buying food from farmers in the local market. The list for shopping is a priority and the preparation of food is good to occupy an important place. Let’s make the preparation of food an event of the family or the community, so that we enjoy both the cooking and the products obtained.

Thoughts and waves of the sea
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A very effective habit is to write in a journal about the happenings that created the toxic emotions of the day and describe both what happened and what we felt as a result of that situation. There can be feelings of anger, annoyance, loneliness, and fear that the incident has evoked. Regular writing in the journal about troublesome experiences improves our immune system and helps us gain mental clarity and intuition.

Life is movement we all know already and that is why it is good to introduce this healthy habit into our lives, in case we are still thinking. Let’s do some daily exercises, with the intention of removing from the soul these unpleasant feelings, to relax and energize our body and mind. A periodic detoxification program brings us many benefits. Breathing techniques, massage, dancing, walking in nature, help us eliminate the tensions accumulated with each emotion. In this way we open our hearts to the feelings that generate the emotions that lead to rejuvenation: forgiveness, harmony, joy and love – rather than introducing entropy, by evoking anxiety, resentment, regrets and despair.

Diary for a Happy Life

I chose the Notebook of Happiness
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The only ones responsible for our health are ourselves. The disease comes from within, and it is good not to look for culprits. When we turn to external help to regain health, the results are expected. There are so many sources of emotions: since childhood, relationships with parents, relationships with teachers, colleagues and bosses, friendships, relationships between partners, in the family, all together are a circle from which we can not get out, we are sad and lacking energy. The first thing it is good to start with is to say: stop, I want to change my life, from a negative one to a positive one.

Let’s try a simple exercise: when we want to write in the journal, sit down in a quiet, comfortable place and close our eyes. We let the mind calm down for a few minutes or do a little So Hum meditation. We turn our attention to the heart and become aware of all the things for which we feel grateful. We listen to our hearts and ask ourselves the question: “what do I carry with me from the past and no longer use me in the present?

How you can have a happy life
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When we identify the hardships that are pressing on our hearts, we are trying to eliminate them right now. We banish all resentment, ransackness or regrets that we find. Once we eliminate these toxic emotions, we can become aware of the gift they were hiding. For example, if someone’s behavior has hurt you, the gift may be that you have learned to rely more on yourself. Make it your habit to become aware of the reasons for contentment and banish all grievances from the heart.

The fact that we put all the toxic emotions at heart, prevents us from fully living the magic, mystery and joy that are made available to us right now. Let us make a habit of eliminating resentments, regrets and grievances that do us a lot of harm. Eliminating toxic emotions is similar to eliminating physical ones. First it must be clear to us that we want to replace harmful emotions with beneficial ones. Turning regret and resentment into compassion and forgiveness can radically bring our body, mind, and spirit to the primordial vital energy. Write in your journal about your happenings, live for a purpose that brings you fulfillment, cultivate kindness and enter the flow of harmony.

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