How often do you practice meditation?

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Daily Meditation

Daily meditation is a simple and handy way to calm our minds and listen to our inner wisdom. Meditation is one of the oldest and simplest processes that exist and very easy to apply. There is no need to complicate this process by turning it into a mysterious activity that is difficult to apply. A simple way to practice meditation is to relax and repeat words such as peace, love or any other statements that have a certain meaning for us.

Meditation connects us with ourselves, with our insides. Sometimes we cannot stop the mind from thinking, instead we can change the process of thoughts, slowing it down and focusing it in the desired direction. Meditation is a state in which we detachedly contemplate our thoughts. They can be thoughts of fear, of self-distrust, of forgiveness, of compassion, of abandonment, of joy. We can change the way of thinking with the help of meditation.

We can practice meditation anywhere and anytime and more it is beneficial to become a habit. Meditation is a concentration of our higher power, of connection with our inner wisdom. There are many variants in which we can meditate, surely you find yourself in one of them. Some people go into meditation while running or walking in a park, a beautiful garden, in nature and wherever they find a place where they can relax.

Each of us has different ways of choosing to meditate: gardening is a wonderful form of meditation, a real therapy in which we can contemplate flowers, trees, rivers, rain, sun and all the creatures of the earth. We can choose meditation guided by a therapist or a Life Coach, which will take us in the direction we want. They can teach us various techniques by which to reach the desired goal to have a life full of harmony and prosperity. Remember, you can be more than you’ve ever dreamed of. We are waiting for you on our Group Reiki Harmony & Prosperity

All the theories in the world remain useless in the absence of action, positive change, and finally healing.

Louise L. Hay

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