Is your bedroom located in a geopathic stress zone?

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Geopathic stress

Geopathic stress is certainly the most dangerous and, unfortunately, the least known form of electromagnetic contamination. History shows us that humans lived very close to nature and were probably much more aware of areas dominated by strong magnetic forces. They certainly did not know very clearly what the cause of these intuitions was, however, they chose to live and sleep away from these areas.

Today’s urban housing revolves around important areas especially from an economic point of view than from that of a healthy environment, and our lifestyle, inseminating and dominated by stress, leaves no room for the development and experience of those subtle sensations and information offered by our own body.

Restful sleep accelerates healing
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Unfortunately many people work and rest in areas of geopathic stress. How can you know if your bedroom is located in a geopathic stress zone? Here are some questions that can help you determine to what extent your bedroom or any other room is affected.

  • Although you take great care of the plants in the room, they still wither?
  • Do you have a constant restless sleep when resting in this room?
  • Are you often affected by unpleasant states to which you do not find a remedy?
  • Do you often feel tired and exhausted, even at the first hour of the day?
  • Do you suffer from unexplained pain?
  • Are the people who rested in this room before you moved in poor health?
  • Does your cat prefer this room?
  • If you have a baby or children sleeping in this room, do you constantly discover them in the morning crammed into a corner of the bed?

How to eliminate geopathic stress

Your bedroom is located in a geopathic stress zone
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The above questions we have asked to make you aware that one of the causes of our health imbalances is related to geopathic stress. If the answer to more than four questions is “yes”, then you need to suspect your home of geopathic stress. We can search for its source with the help of a metal rod, or you can hire an expert in radiation anesthesia.

When you suspect the presence of geopathic stress in the home, the most important step is to move the beds or armchaiapers in which you stay daily for as long as possible as possible away from the suspected geopathic stress zone. In extreme cases you can move the bedroom. In addition to these measures there are a lot of appliances on the market that, connected to the electrical circuit, it seems to reduce or eliminate geopathic stress. But beware sometimes they seem to work, other times they have a minor effect or even none.

Your bedroom is located in a geopathic stress zone
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Another remedy would be to apply mineral crystals, such as salt , quartz or amethyst in or near the area of geopathic stress. It turns out that some minerals affect certain levels or types of areas of this kind, making it necessary to search for and identify the presence of this phenomenon.

Another very common solution is to stick stretch marks or metal tubes into the ground, along the area with geopathic stress. To accurately determine the type of metal, the length and thickness of the stretch marks or tubes used in specific situations, radiesthesists often use the peck method.

Your bedroom is located in a geopathic stress zone
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Sometimes it is very difficult to harmonize the dwelling whose tenants are resting or trying to rest in an area of geopathic stress. If you do not. or a member of your family. go through bad emotional, mental and physical health, it is worth checking if it is not a geopathic stress zone and consulting an expert to help you find a solution. It could save your life!

If you have eliminated geopathic stress as much as possible, and yet continue to feel unwell, it may be good to control the toxicity of some of the products in your home such as household cleaning products, chemical solvents or personal hygiene solvents.

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