Is your wallet a magnet for money?

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How to attract money with your wallet

There are some important rules in feng shui regarding the wallet that attract financial abundance. In order for the money to enter the wallet in as many numbers as possible, it is good to know some extremely simple things and apply them immediately. Keep in mind that it is good not to complain all the time that we do not have money, to overspend on things that we do not use. Money is energy, it comes into our lives when we allow it, when we are open to the immense opportunities that exist in the Universe.

Este portofelul tău un magnet pentru bani
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It is good to take into account some tips that help us activate the positive energy that will attract money. The wallet travels with us almost anywhere in everyday life, shopping, at work, on holidays, at home, and it is good to treat them with respect. Yes, you heard right, let’s treat them with respect! Unknowingly, many of us treat with indifference or make mistakes in arranging it, thus failing to fully exploit abundance.

Some feng shui rules for activating prosperity

The wallet you have to like. Choose a color according to what you want to attract: red for courage, black for accumulations and financial strength, gold, for abundance, luck, enrichment, attracts money like a magnet, green, represents the symbolism of money. You can read about here about: What color we choose the wallet to attract prosperity.

Whatever wallet you have in the house, old or new, it is good to have money in it, it is not advisable to remain empty. When you want to give a gift to a wallet, put in it 5lei, 50, or 500 lei. Save money, for a particular project, all with a positive energy.

In the wallet we keep only money, nothing else! The compartmentalized wallet is ideal for separate cards, banknotes, separately, coins separately. Cards from various merchants, invoices, receipts, shopping vouchers, shopping lists, money orders, business cards, talismans, we do not keep them in the wallet with money. They show what the money was spent on, and it is good to urgently remove it from the wallet so as not to attract poverty. You can have another wallet in which to put these things.

What color do we choose your wallet to attract prosperity
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Put the money in order, increasingly or decreasingly in your wallet. Do not wrinkle or crumple your money! We give the money with the right hand and we take the money with the left hand. It is good to choose a suitable wallet in which the money sits loose, if they sit cramped they tend to stop receiving. It is a feng shui principle also valid in our home, the congestion and poor organization, create the energy blockages. You can read about here about: Emotional blockages prevent healing./ Harmony of the house by eliminating energy blockages.

Wallet is the house of money

By applying a few simple rules we will be able to beneficially influence the receipts and become a real magnet for money.

Rule number 1 in life in all respects is to think positively, because positive energy takes us faster to where we want to go.

Periodically it is good to clean the wallet with a cloth, with cold tap water. It must look impeccable, not to be damaged, old, with broken zippers, with missing staples or scratched.

Este portofelul tău un magnet pentru bani
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The money we hold in our wallet is good to be enough to make us feel comfortable and prosperous. Above we wrote about positive thoughts and how important it is to adopt such an attitude. The fear and thought that someone can steal your money, when you have your wallet full, banishes prosperity.

Never put your wallet on the floor, on the refrigerator, on the stove, on the kitchen table, under the stairs, in the bathroom, on the shelves in the bathroom, as unfavorable conditions for prosperity are created. When we are at home we take the wallet out of the bag and place it in the light. If it will sit in the dark, in the bag or in a drawer, the negative energy leads to a decrease in revenues and even an increase in expenses.

Feng shui remedies

Where can we place the wallet in the house? Money is a treasure of value, and it is good to treat it with respect and appreciation. Depending on the principles of feng shui there are several beneficial places for money: the corner on the diagonal of the living room on a table, the money sector in the house or living room is southeast. Sitting in this position will attract your positive energy and your money will multiply.

Year of the Metal Ox 2021
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It is good to keep in your wallet the Mystic knot with 3 Chinese coins. The Chinese currency has a round shape and represents luck from the Universe, and in the middle it has a hole of square shape, which represents the luck of the Earth. The third kind of luck makes it man alone. The mystical knot represents the infinite opportunities, the red string amplifies generosity, love, appreciation, harmony, so necessary for the creation of prosperity.

Another good remedy would be to insert into the wallet a note in which to write words that attract money and how we feel in relation to them, such as: wealth, abundance, prosperity, generosity, gratitude, happiness, etc. Placing a magnet in the coin compartment can attract extra money. In feng shui there are also anti-theft amulets such as: the rhino and the blue elephant or a mystical knot of blue color, which creates protection against losses and scams. You can get more tips on prosperity by reading the following articles:

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