Jewels influence our health

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Women’s health and jewellery

Jewels are accessories we can’t live without. All women love jewelry without a doubt. Jewels are ornaments, made of precious elements or less precious materials that give us shine and confidence. They complement an outfit and give us a state of well-being, take us out of anonymity and become brilliant.

Jewels influence our health
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There are scientific studies that make connections between disorders in women’s health and the jewelry they wear on their fingers. It is known that there are many contact points on the fingers that are connected with internal organs. For example, a ring worn on the fourth finger causes disorders of the nipples, reproductive organs and endocrine glands.

Jewels worn on the middle finger can influence the appearance of atherosclerosis or very high blood pressure. Those worn on the thumb, can lead to the appearance of back pain, calcification of the bones as well as inflammation of the roots of the spinal nerves. Frequent wearing of rings on the little finger leads to disturbances of the duodenum.

How can we avoid these inconveniences

Specialists argue that it is not good to load our fingers with foreign objects. It’s good to take off the wedding ring when we sleep, because our hands need to rest completely from time to time.

Jewels influence our health
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When we have time it is good to mass the fingers of the right and left hand one at a time, every ten minutes. We can create a daily ritual, for example when we watch television. By massaging our hands, we improve your eyesight. If we follow this ritual every day, we probably won’t need glasses, and our hands will be completely rested. It’s worth a try, health first!

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